Shunyata Python VS. Viper V2,Is there difference?

Can anyone tell me what the sonic difference between the new Shunyata Python and the discontinued Viper V2 powercords?
I cannot tell you what the sonic differences are, but from a technological point of view, Grant at Shunyata said the advancement in design was a huge leap.

If you want to call Grant directly, his number and email address are on the Shunyata website. He is a wonderful guy and a staight shooter. If it was not a big improvement, he would tell you so.

Good Luck...

I have owned and listened to both and currently use (and prefer) the King Cobra in MY system.

Grant and the folks at Shunyata seem very excited about the Python and from what I've read, recommend it above even the King Cobra.

When used on the source component all high end Shunyata's are very refined and remove the digital hash quite well. Above most any other high end power cord, Shunyata's seem to transform digital into an analog type presentation. Each of the Shunyata's has it's own character, and therefore unlike the folks at the company who seem to market their products with hype, I cannot say which is "BETTER" since the character each cord imposes on a system is different. Not better, not worse... just different.

Starting with the Viper V2 - Use this cable if you feel your system needs more textured midrange. Sweetness in the highs and a very surreal sound quality that makes listening fun. Mids are velvety and rich.

Python - I found this cord to be very dynamic and has a pronounced midrange. Works great if your system needs a more forward midrange. Highs are similar to the Viper but dynamic swings are far superior.

King Cobra - very polite. very analog. very hard to tell that anything changed. The King Cobra can be praised for what it doesn't do more so than what it does. It seems to neither take or just makes things right. There is no spotlighted midrange, no surreal texture, no ultra dynamics. Just music.

Hope this helps.
Thanks BWhite,
I also have the KC V2 on my system and agree to you opinion on them. I love my KC V2. I had them connected to my transport and DAC, then switch one of them from the transport to my pre amp. The outcome was better sounding on the pre amp than the transport. Now I need to find a good powercord for the transport.
Wayne2005, I am glad you like the KC. From reading your other posts, I too felt it would be a great match for your tastes and for your system. It seems that you are a rather refined listener and are very sensitive to any colorations brought about by various cords.

So now looking for a cord for your transport huh?

Not sure if your a gambler Wayne but at times like this, I usually think of an analogy between Black Jack (the card game) and my system. I pick a number between 0 and 21 that best represents how my system currently sounds, and treat that number as my "hand"... Now... If there was money on the table and I was in Las Vegas, would I hit?

It's the risk to reward ratio you must determine for yourself. But feel fortunate that the only changes you need are in those last few cables. There are some fantastic cable choices available and it's much easier to tune that way than by replacing an amp/preamp or source.
Bwhite: Well put!
Thanks JTinn and BWhite,
Hoping for "21" or Black Jack!