Shunyata Python versus copperhead for power amps

I am considering either a 20A python (perhaps the older alpha with the red ends) or a copperhead that will drive a Guardian 2 conditioner. I already have a python alpha that I use for hydra 8...all my digital grea is running off of it. So, the Guardian + new PC will just run my amp and a powered sub. Any thoughts? Would i see a serious difference between the two PCs? Should I hold out for a helix or would antoher python alpha (pre helix) do fine? Thanks for your two cents!
Not a direct answer to you question, but I had a Hydra and a system full of Python Helix's. I changed over to the new Synergistic Research Powercell and Tesla power cords. The performance upgrade was very substantial--really no comparision. I love the Shunyata stuff but the SR is simply better-by far and that's no knock on Shunyata. Also, the SR cords are cheaper than the Shunyata.

I am merely suggesting that you try the Tesla series before investing in an entire Shunyata system like I did. You will find detail, balance, 3-d soundstaging, etc. like you never dreamed.
I went from copperhead to Python on my amp and preamp. The Python is more dynamic and smoother than the Copperhead. I have Python Alpha and have not heard the helix.

Blessings, Bob
Thanks for your responses guys! They are quite helpful.

I never compared Copperhead and Python cord, but compared Copperhead and Typan Alpha(pre helix) on an amplifier and the difference was obvious. Taipan was smoother, with better bass and more dynamic with better soundstage.
Also, with Hydra conditioners, you should have your best cord on the Hydra to wall connection. This is what Shunyata recommends and I found it to be true.
It is recommended like what Audhile1 suggested that best powercord be placed at the Hydra. It makes a huge difference. So in this case I tried it both with the Copperhead and the Python on the Guardian 4 (now hydra4). Python wins!!!