Shunyata Python Helix. How good they are?

I saw that the price of the Shunyata Helix series dropped down because the new CX series appears.
So now I can buy the Python Helix Alpha used, but I want to know your opinions and experiences.
How good they are ? Up to the moment I use the Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler for my Sonic Frontiers Line 2se preamplifier and my Pass Aleph amplifier. Do you consider that if I move to the Shunyata Python Helix Alpha I will really upgrade my system ?
I will apreciate your suggests.
I bought one for my sim 5.3 player,swearing that this is my last cable upgrade for a long time.Very content with the move.saying that i dont have experience with your cable,trying one and turning it around always an option...
An ‘upgrade’, I suspect, depends on what sort of gain (s) you intend to seek out.

The Pythion helix in my experience added resolution, depth of stage, bottom end slam, imaging (due to the increased res and detail), and further extension up top. It also diminished the apparent grain of the Pythiohn Alpha it succeeded. By direct comparison the Helix gave more refinement to the end product than did the previous alpha model… and far, far greater rear of stage info…. Meaning it moves you back a few rows from the front, though not far.

I used it in several spots, but found it’s best suited to either end, and usually not the middle. EG., sources or amps… with amps being it’s best spot overall. However, it will supply it’s character to whatever extent, where ever it is placed in the system. I’ve even been thinking about placing one on my DAC.

It’s a quick power cord. Supplying great extension on both ends, with plenty of resolution and detail, but most noticeably, the depth of stage. Speaking of stage size, that likely will increase laterally and away from the listening position. Placing it some where in the middle of a rig, the rig needs to be fairly refined, IMO, or it may come off sounding bright and or thin.

Good luck.
Blindjim pretty much summed it up for you.

I've have two currently, one 20amp feeding a hydra-2, another 15amp version on my tube amp. The one exception to any equipment I've owned is the MHDT Havana Tube DAC, where a Taipan Helix actually is a better fit.

Almost all my experience has been with their helix cords and I have zero complaints, nor would I care to look elsewhere.
I love my Pythons. Absolutely agree with Blindjims description. I replaced my Taipan Alpha's with the Pythons on my amps and the difference is exactly as described. I think part of the magic is system synergy-I use shunyata hydra and all power cords are Shunyata.
Python is great and get me extremely close to anaconda for much cheaper. I later changed to anaconda and it was not a huge difference. The difference PC makes depend on the amp/preamp and the quality of the AC. When I had the pass amp, the pc did not make much difference.

I also like the master coupler and find that they are great for tube equipment. It increased resolution and bass. It kills the midrange with SS preamp/amp.

If you can, try before buying. If you buy from the gon, there is not much to lose.