Shunyata Python Helix compared to Taipan Helix

First, I've researched this already but would still like to pose the question -

Anyone familiar with the differences between these cords? I recently picked up a used Python Helix to compare in my system, which is already fitted with Taipan Helixes. It doesn't appear to be a big difference maker. Slightly more resolving with a bit more bottom end response (too much low end response for my taste initially). Questioning the difference in price (used and new) for the Python, but perhaps it needs time to settle in. Maybe the low end response is what people are paying for?

I've found more high frequency response differences between my Taipans, which all have different platings on the AC ends (Nickel, Silver and Copper). These different platings work well when tuning/matching between components.
the python helix is miles ahead compared to the Taipan helix.
I have been down that road and switched to Nordost Valhalla until I discovered
I have just spent all day yesterday with Louis Mortek at my house (will send you pics if you give me you email)
We tried his cables and they are so far ahad of anything else it is amazing also Louis brought me a unit called firewall to try because it will not be unveiled till next month at the show in Colorado and quite simply it took the music to a different level - I nearly cried when he had to pack it all up!!
Even my German shepeard thought there were people in the hall or outside because it made everything so real and lifelike - scary stuff but so bloody good

hope that helps

Ha,ha,ha! You know you've got something good when your system can fool the dogs. My dogs also help me when I'm evaluating new components.
I found the Python Helix to have better bottom end and smoother. It worked well on the amp and on CDP. I didn't keep it because it set the soundstage too far back in my system. Other than that it is really nice. I did keep the Taipan Helix on the preamp. I really liked it there and only there. It does not have near the punch the Python has.

I sold the Python to a guy who has all Python Helix's in his system. He said to get the full effect you will have to go all Pythons. Well I dont have that much money and if it set my soundstage that far back with one then more than one???? Not sure about all that?
I compared to Taipan to the Valhalla and thought the Taipan is better in my setup. Nordost adds an electronic sound which I do not desire.

I sold away the Python and stick to the Taipan for its neutrality.
I upgraded my Taipans to the Pythongs and felt a considerable improvement on all levels. I thought my rig sounded great before with great resolution, low (or no) noise, very black backgrounds and wide, dep soundstage, etc. The Pythons showed me that it wasn't as black a background as I thought. Much greater rresolution and air around the instruments. It was pretty much an "holy [email protected]#$" moment. I do have shunyata pythons throughout including the hydra. I do believe that makes a difference.