Shunyata python helix alpha vs MIT oracle z3

I woul like to know if anyone have experimented both cables.

To your ears wich one is the winner and for wich reasons.

I am searching a quiet dark cable and mostly whit a deep and punchy bass.

thanks in advance
I know them both. They give both a wide and deep stage. But within this stage individual focus of instruments and voices is not the best. Often at shows voices and instruments are projected too big in proportion. I sold MIT for over 6 years. And I owned there most expensive powercables. These days I use Purist Audio powercables. These are better than both. Why? Because they are more complete. The individual focus of instruments and voices is better. Stunning blacks. In the high freq. there is more resolution compared to the others above. And the mid freq. are more open. Also is the overwhole sound very involving.

You recommend PAD power cords but not the IC's and speaker cables. I tried PAD IC's and speaker cables and thought Audioquest was much better. AQ power cords are not too good (just my opinion). So is that the same for you? PAD for power cords and AQ for the rest?


Power cords can be difficult because the results can vary greatly from system to system. I don't know if you are familiar with them, but I use The Cable Co for these kinds of products. ( They have a huge lending library and will send you demo cables so you can try them in your system before you make a purchase. I've been using them myself for many years and can't say enough good about them. At first, it may seem like a hassle, but its not. They can send you the PAD that Bo1972 recommends, as well as the Shunyata and MIT. For myself, I get good results ESP's PC's. You may also want to consider them.
Yess Audioquest does not make exeptional good powercables. I told it also to Audioquest. because there is a simple reason why. You need more awg. I compared Purist with the best Audioquest powercables. They were no match. Purist is so much better in powercables. And yess Audioquest makes better loudspeakercables. I also love the pure silver xlr interconnect from A Capella. I prefer the better and sharper individual focus of the Purist Audio. MIT also does not have the level in blacks of the Purist. I f..hate the shows were voices and instruments are projected too big in proportion. It is for me very easy even before I listen to a set how the image will be. Pass Labs with Shunyatha or MIT doesn't make any sence. You know for sure you will miss the sharp individual focus of instruments and voices like in real. This is so predictable, it is as simple as one and one is two. There are still a lot of stuppid and blind ( or better said; deaf) people in this business!!