Shunyata Python CX vs Kubala Emotion Power Cords?

Appreciate any opinions. I currently run Kubala Expression bi-wires and IC's. Been thrilled with them since day one.

Now about to pull the trigger on one or the other of the PC's noted. BAT tube amps and pre. Berkeley DAC. Digital music server.

Opinions vary, but appreciate any input from those that have had experience with either or both.

I have an assortment of PCs, Python Helix, Copperhead, Cardas, Oyaide, PS Audio, Gutwire, Signal Cable and others. I have found that the sound depends LARGELY on the application and associated equipment. If you like what you have I would go with that; no one else's experience can really tell you what sound you will get. Even in the few cases when they have used those particular PCs it is very unlikely that they will have exactly the same equipment as you have. Stay with what you are happy with unless you can try something else without obligation.
I'd go for the Kubala synergy but I have and love my Pythons.
Thx. Turns out I found a good deal on a pair of Pythons, so to start, I will try these and see what I think. Can then either add more from there. Or sell and shift to kubala if the pythons sound out of place in my system. Thx.
If anyone is still reading this, I tried three Python CX's. They were great. But I then borrowed 3 kubala emotions and preferred them. Selling the Pythons and ordered Kubalas. Slightly more inner detail. Little bit less overhang or color. Little bit more real sounding vs hi-fi.
Hi Steve:
I think you wrote me and asked me about the Pythons, since I recommended them. What's the rest of your system now?
Stevewetterling I also thinking of get either Python or Kubala for my Audio Research DAC8. Did you find the Python to have more color? Any difference in dynamic swing between them?


don't know if anyone still reading this but I went from Shunyata Anacondas to Kubala Emotions all around without any regrets. Music became more organic with more emotion and top to bottom coherence. With Shunyata I got great clarity and dynamics but in the end it just sounded analytical compared to KS Emotion. This was my experience.
What anaconda you are reffering to: CX or previous models?
hi steve2:

what will you do with the opinions expressed attempting to answer the question you posed ??

will you decide to purchase one or the other ??
The Python CX and Kubala Emotion are open and dynamic power cables which both lean slightly toward an organic and warm romantic direction without being dull.

These are two somewhat similar sounding power cables with the Kubala Emotion being slightly warmer sounding and both possessing great dynamics and natural tonation.

Which is better is probably system dependent. With the Python CX already serving my Shunyata PS8, the addition of the Kubabla Emotion to serve my Amp, became slightly too warm in my system.

The better cable is largely dependent how much you need to warm the sound in your system and what equipment is already in place. Suffice to say, both color the sound slightly warm, with the Kubala adding a little more warmth than the Shunyata Python CX.