Shunyata ps8 And alpha Ztrion HC

Hi everyone I have bought a new power cable for system the latest Shunyata Alpha Analog power cable for my tube preamp. While the proweramp and cd player is a shunyata Zitron Viper power cords. All can say is wow what a difference with the preamp cord the Alpha Anolog made a difference over the viper.

My only concern is I am looking at getting a venom ps8 power distributer and defender. with a Zitron Viper cord to connect it to the wall. Would this be a good combo over the venom HC cord. And don't have a lot of funds for a new Alpha HC cord planing on getting another alpha analog for my power amp. Which the power amp will be directly plugged into the wall.
My dad has one upped me on getting a ps8 with the viper cord. So trying to sell him one of my old vipers for the newest version.

let me know your thoughts thanx.
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