SHUNYATA power cords price increase

Just came back from my dealer,i was told there is a price increase on the Shunyata powercords.The Phyton Helix Alpha went from 995.00 to 1100.00.Has anyone else heard about this increase.When is the increase supposed to go into effect.
I saw a post from Grant @ Shunyata (Audiogon member "Samuel") that mentioned the price increase. I can't find the post. I believe the thread might have been deleted, but I recall that it was effective August or September 1...don't hold me to that.

I'd suggest emailing "Samuel" for details.
Several of the mail order shops have announced this's across most of their line..the Hydra's too..
I've learned my lesson. There's only one acceptable opinion when it comes to all things Shunyata: "Worth it at ten times the price"
And now I'll step aside and let the sacred cow pass...
Thanks, Tplavas, I'll add the name to my business card.

The few (3 models) power cord price increases occurred last September, when the new Helix Series of power cords were introduced (they are more expensive to hand braid than older models and use more conductors). Nothing has changed since then-- except, that we have reduced all the prices for 1m Helix power cords as well as the per-foot cost of longer length Helix cords. Hopefully no one will have a problem with that.

That said, the Taipans remain the same price as before and the Anaconda Helix Alpha remains the same price as its predecessor. The Python Helix Alpha, Python Helix vX and Anaconda Helix vX were the only cords to have gone up in price. All of our shielded cables are the same price as ever.

The Hydras are going up in price September 1st.

Hope that clears things up. It would be better to contact us for such information directly rather than polling on the net, as that often serves to generate acerbic responses and less accurate information.


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Sorry Grant, my comment wasn't aimed at you. After all, you're just doing what Shunyata pays you to do. I was commenting more on the venom that sprays whenever you dare express an opinion about someone's favorite brand. We audiophiles can be a thin-skinned lot sometimes.
Huh, PLAVAS, are you talking about me instead? That would be cool. . . I'd be so honored! (chuckles!)