Shunyata Power Cords on Furman Line Conditioners

 .........has anybody had any experience good or bad with using Shunyata Power Cords on Furman Line Conditioners ? I have the Furman IT Reference 20i Conditioner and was looking at Power Cords and was '' told '' that Shunyata does not match well with the Furman products ( ? ) I have not heard that but wanted to see if anybody has had any personal experience with that. I am currently using a Cardas Clear Beyond power cord and like it but ......was wondering if it could be bettered. You will see from my posts that I never was a Cardas cable user ....but the Clear Beyond cables made a believer that George has a winner here as they are really good cables. Note :  the iec is a 20 amp termination if that makes a difference in your opinion. Thanks


garebear guess that nobody uses a Shunyata power cord on any Furman products. Hmmmmm interesting.