Shunyata Power Cords

I just wanted to let everyone know that Shunyata is coming out with a "New Line of Power Cords" toward the end of January in February. This will be a New Line of Hexix Power Cords in different price ranges. Anyone who has the current model might consider selling that model now!
I make it a point to not tell my existing power cords of new versions. They stay happier that way by not worrying about losing work in a recessionary period..
I told my powercords that I was upgrading and they told me that they we're going to collect unemployment if I fired them. That means my unemployment taxes will go up.

I've decided to just make my power cords miserable so they quit.
Golly Gee better unload all pre-existing Shunyata's because their value is heading to the Oh wait a minute, before I finished typing this mine got up and slithered out the door :(
Seriously, Shunyata's crazy. We're in the middle of a recession. I'm in a good financial position, I have 6 Shunyata pythons in my system. Do you think I'm going to go out and drop another $7,200 on new power cords? They're crazy.

Shunyata, from one business owner to another here's an idea. Given all of the high end companies going out of business, and all of the high end dealers shutting their doors, why don't you cut prices and hope your company survives. Just a suggestion
Its too bad they do not have an upgrade program.
Such as, 100% value for the older model towards the new model.

I wouldn't have an upgrade offer/program either if I kept coming out with various itterations every couple years or sooner.

Neither have I found, that the latest is indeed the greatest, item or fit for a system.

Change is always change.... but change isn't always positive for everyone in volved... with system sysnergy in mind, neither is it always better.

Like as not it is simply put, "meerely different".

I did know of one dealer which offered upgrades with close to the orig value of the cable being applied to the higher priced version... the/his caveat was "only while they were still the current production models". Not being privy to impending model changes or new itteration schedules, and knowing Shunyata routinely offers NEW itterations, I passed on that offer. I didn't want to be under some self imposed pressure to upgrade quickly and before the new ones hit the street thus invalidating that offers continuance.

that said, I do have shunyata cords. Bought the same type twice in fact and it's now two models old. wire has it's place, but new means very little to me anymore. What fits best in my rig means far more... new, recent, previous, or vintage. it's all about the fit, not the release date of the self proclaimned "latest & grrreatest".

I will correct some possible misunderstandings and then leave you to your opinions.

>>>"Do you think I'm going to go out and drop another $7,200 on new power cords? They're crazy. <<<

No, that is not what we think or want. People that own our Helix or older cords have excellent performance and should keep what they have if that is what works for them. Also, our products retain good value on the used market so there's no reason to rush to sell.

>>>"why don't you cut prices and hope your company survives. Just a suggestion"<<<

Why? Because our products are not price inflated. We do not inflate the US retail price to offset or match overseas retail increases due to import duties taxes and ship costs. We do not offer gross dealer purchase incentives based on sales volume or anything of that kind--which has become common in our product segment. Our products cost what they have to for us to maintain our US based business, factory and employees.

Regarding updates, or new model schedules: Our own wire is manufactured for us in massive lots out of the CDA 101 copper ingots--for Hydra, signal and power wiring. We then commit to an enormous volume to get the best price and base our purchase amount on a three year projection of sales.

When that three year production lot is nearing its end we decide whether to manufacture another three years worth of the same wire, or make a substantive change based on design R&D. Obviously, Caelin has proven that he is capable of significant design refinements over the years with power cords.

So, at the end of a three year power cord product cycle, there is a possibility for change based on our history. This is hardly unusual or out of line.

That said, our Hydra models have not been updated or rev'd since their inception in 2002-- except for very recent updates to the model 8 and V-Ray, so we could hardly be termed a flavor of the month company.

Hopefully, sharing a few facts here helps answer some questions and concerns mentioned above. As always, we are happy to share up to date information with those that take the time to contact us with questions. That seems a better source for info than reading some of the conjecture that gets shared in places where people post free of accountability.

I wrote to you personally and I hope you read my email.

If not I just wanted to apologize for my post. I know that Shunyata puts out quality products and that when they make an upgrade it's a big improvement.

I run my own business and even though we are doing well right now I know that the high end audio industry is suffering. However I have no knowledge of the financial state of Shunyata and so had no business commenting on it.


If you buy your Shunyata cables from your friendly neighborhood dealer, as I do, upgrading to the newer model, if you feel the need, isn't much of an issue, or financialy painful. All my PC's are shunyata, having now 6 pythons, having upgraded from the copperheads, then the taipans, to the pythons (which I LOVE, along with the Hydra). ...and it was a fun upgrade path; the copperheads making their way to my computer, some traded in at a very generous discount to my newer ones. My dealer goes out of his way to get me into what I want; Samuel is right on that the PC's hold excellent alue, as good as (or better) than any other high end PC out there. I like buying an excellent product from a company who continues to push the envelope. The VRay is a very nice improvement over the standard hydra; this wouldn't have happened if they rested on thier laurels.

Besides, you don't have to buy them if you don't want to - and their coming out won't change the sound of the ones you have.