shunyata PC on brystonSST B100?

Can I expect to actually hear an upgrade with shunyata diamondback PC on my Bryston integed B100 with paradigm v5 60's and tara speaker cables? I am very skeptical,stock PC looks heavy.
Yes, we offer both Bryston and Shunyata so we have had the chance to experiment. The improvement is noticeable. The most remarkable difference is when this power cord is installed on the Bryston BCD1

Cheers Dan
I use a Shunyata Taipan(original), on my Bryston 9B SST. When I first installed it I was hard pressed to hear a difference, but I left the cable attached for a couple of weeks. After that I went to remove the cable and sell it. I put the stock cord back in place and sat down to do some listening. All I can say is YUCHHH! I returned the Shunyata cable onto my Bryston and all was well again. I have found that this is the best way to demo cables of all types, not just power cords. I have found that you will notice the most difference when removing a cable that has been in your system for a while. Quick A/B comparisons are unreliable or accurate. I wonder how good the Diamond back will be on your Bryston integrated. Most twelve gauge cords of the type that the Diamondback is are not really designed for power amps. I was using Diamondbacks on my powered speakers but after several weeks I removed them because I didn't notice any difference in sound without them in my system. I am using a Diamondback cord on my EAD pre/preo which has an easily audible positive effect on the EAD. You are going to have to try one out and see. Even if the Diamond back doesn't float your boat I would still strongly suggest that you try out a Copperhead as I think it would be a better match for your Bryston amp.
Thanks,think I'll try it.
I'm using a shunyata diamondback 5' PC on my integrated right now and don't like it at all because it's stiff and heavy. It pulls the back of the IEC socket on my amp down with it's weight. I put the stock PC back in and am going to try the VH Audio Flavor 2 PC next...