Shunyata Orion vs Virtual Dynamics Genesis

I currently am upgrading my cables. I really like the Virtual Dynamics stuff, but have never heard the speaker cables. Can anyone speak to the differences between the Shunyata Orion and Virtual Dynamics Genesis speaker cables!!? I am also considering switching my Gabriel Gold interconnects for Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2. Any thoughts?
What GG wire do you have?
I am running Gabriel Gold Revelation, XLR.
I upgraded to Gabriel Gold interconnects, but am still interested in what a speaker cable upgrade would be for me. There doesn't seem to be many people with Shunyata Orion speaker cable, that can comment on comparisons.
I had owned mostly Virtual Dynamics Rev 2 cables . Including the Rev 2 Bi-wire speaker cables.

Just a solid note... The cables are stiff as rerod!
Be prepared for a fight to get them in place. The spade ends can scatch anything near them while you are wrestling with them.

Sound quality wise they were very good cables.
can tell you more in two weeks time. just have ordered Revelation 2.0 and recently had Orions which were replaced by the Consensus speaker cables without a second thought..
I have upgraded my IC's to GG Raptures, and am very happy. Still looking for a significant speaker cable upgrade! I will keep looking here for your response Frankpiet, with respect to how you like the Revelation 2.0
I have purchase the Stealth Dream speaker cable. One thing it showed me was how good the Orion was. Sure the Dream is better in all aspects, but they are subtle. That being said, I use these cables on mid/tweeters only, so maybe the full range use of each would be more apparent with respect to differences! Bottom line, glad I have the Dream, but loved the Orions too! As for Virtual Dynamics, I ordered a Genesis 1.1 Digital cable this past summer, and it was so heavy I could not even try to audition it! I would have needed someone to hold it up. VD is a local business, relatively speaking just down the road, so I would love to support them........I just can't support the cable, too in the end that's why I stayed away from the speaker cable.