Shunyata [original] Hydra vs their new line

Any owners of the original Shunyaya Hydra care to compare / contrast with their current line of PLC. TIA

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While I can't compare the old from new, I will say I have an original Hydra plus 2 Hydra Fours.  I also use all Shunyata power cords.  Everything works so well and is so noise free that I don't see any reason to change.
Which Shunyata cords do you have? What's on the Hydra? I'm familiar with their King Cobra, Cobra, Viper, Black Mamba and Sidewinder. Not familiar with their new stuff.
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I have 2 Copperhead 20 amp cords, 2 Copperhead 15 amp cords and 7 Diamondback Platinum 15 amp power cords..