Shunyata or Transparent Power cables

Hoes anyone have experience with direct comparisons of these two power cable companies? I know the Transparent Interconnects are very good, but how do their power cables compare to Shunyata?
I have had both; both are good. I think I would give the edge to Transparent but I did not have them at the same time and it would be a matter of taste anyway. Right now I am using PS as it is a good match for my system. YMMV
I would agree with Stanwal. While I did have them at the same time, the Shunyata's were a generation or two older than the most recent ones and the Transparent were present cycle, so that is not exactly a fair comparison but it may be of aid I hope.
Vote for new Shunyata... But I've always hated Transparent... And yes, for these I'm a hater... And it's not even because of their prices or looks... That's another chapter altogether...
I just bought 2 new Transparent power cords so will soon have a better idea of their current generation compared to Shunyata and PS.
My Transparent dealer ordered me a whole box of Transparent cables for my Krell, Logan system. I had virtually every cable they make at my disposal for over a week! I do use Transparent Reference MM2's for speaker cables. What was my verdict? I ended up purchasing Shunyata Python and Anaconda throughout!! The TC was like listening to music in a tunnel...and, could even be quite bright! The Shunyata was simply "just right"!! That's all I can say, it just sounds like it adds nothing!!
Yeah, I've been using Anacondas of various generations for 10 years. Everytime I try something else, I usually keep coming back to Anacondas.