Shunyata new VTX

Has anyone experience with the new Hydra HC VTX and Sidewinder VTX?
I am guessing they replaced the Black Mamba. They seem to be cheaper than the Black mamba, are they a lower line or an upgrade to Black Mamaba?

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Just got two 15 amp HC VTX for my amps and one 20 amp HC VTX for my hydra 4. They are being broken in with a fan but I've been hooking them up in between time as I can't resist. So far better bass and a more authoritative presentation. Previously the amps were fed by AQ nrg 10s and the hydra 4 by a diamondback 20 amp. It appears that there have been no trade offs as tonality is intact and nothing funny is going on anywhere else. A word of caution though they are a stiff cords and relatively heavy.