Shunyata Mojave power cord

If anynoe is using this particular cord, please share your thoughts or experience with it and how it compares to other cords! Please also state for which component you use it!
Thanks to all in advance!
Ramesh,aShunyata dealer almost sold me this for my amp but at the last minute I decided to go with the next step up, the Taipan.Stewart at A Sanctuary of Sound,a dealer on Audiogon may still have a demo he has for a substantial discount.According to Stewart the Mojave was designed to work with amps because of it's current-friendly design.Compared to the Sidewinder or Taipan it has a slightly warmer tone.Give Stewart a call.He is neighbors with Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata and their friendship as well as business relationship keeps Stewart up with all their current innovations. Stewart just e-mailed me the other day to inform me that he has just received the new,unreleased interconnects from Shunyata and after evaluation will present them in his next newsletter.
Hi Sherod,
Thanks of the info! Interconnects from Shunyata! This will be an interesting thing indeed!
Actually,I was supposed to keep this under my hat but according to preliminary auditioning Stewart said these new Shunyata interconnects are the best cables he has heard at any price point.His only concern is that they are reasonably priced and those people who equate sound with price may not initially accept them unless of course one of the leading high end review mags give them their unconditional blessing which may still happen sooner than we think,especially with Shunyata's fine reputation.
Any idea on when the Shunyata IC's will be released?
Contact Stewart at A Sanctuary of Sound. They have a new newsletter you can read on their site;