Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i` - thoughts on this power cord

Shunyata came out with this ; Special Edition '' i ''  King Cobra power cord a few years back and the folklore is that it was very expensive and very time consuming to make and was eventually discontinued. However, some had said that sonically it was amazing and still one of the best on digital sources. I will also note that you really do not see there on the open market. Your thoughts as I have a chance to buy one.    
If the price is right go for it!
Hello lak and thank you  - but I was looking more for a response as to the actual sonic characteristics of the cable - and not one about any price. So, have you heard this cable ?  
HI Gare - I would contact Grant at Shunyata about this one.  I do NOT recall an i series King Cobra model and I would be a little concerned.  Better off checking it out.  Good Luck

@garebear, sorry I have not heard the Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i`. I also nave not heard of it. jwpstayman made a great suggestion, please let us know what you find out. I do know that there are many that swear that the origional King Cobra is still a great power cord.
I had the original King Cobra and the King Cobra V1 many years ago.....the sound was just so inviting and smooth. A very analog sound to it . I stupidly sold them for the search of the ; Holy Grail of power cords. These are even the Limited Edition '' i'' version and not sure of what the change is but it has ben in my system for a week. I have it on an Esoteric K-01x and I will tell you the sound is lush, real , full like real music  - but the detail is there  - it's the presentation is different from what I am used to. The industry has gone to a stripped, fast, too neutral presentation and to my ears - I like the full presentation sound. Nice to have the original King Cobra's back in my system       
The industry seems to have definitely gone lean and ultra detailed, and unfortunately the harmonic texture or organic character of music seems to have disappeared or become lean, also. I would not describe presentation as neutral but as fast to ultra fast, a little bland, fatiguing and not real, although it seems that some and/or many enjoy this lean and ultra detailed presentation.

How would you describe the presentation of the King Cobra VI i?