Shunyata King Cobra CX vs Anacond Ztron?

I can pick up the King Cobras at 2/3 of new Anacondas price. So the question is: are Ztron Anacondas worth it?
Hi I posted on this in another thread, I have 4 each King Cobra and 4 Anaconda zitrons.

net net, KC is warmer denser tonal colors, Anaconda zitron is quieter, more nuetral, greater clarity and great see through to back stage and air around instruments.

They are both GOOD.
Thanx! So you can't really say that Anaconda is a huge upgrade? How about soundstage? Bass? Speed?
Speed anaconda is definately better. Bass KC is better decay, Anaconda better articulation...

soundstage is clearly a strength of anaconda zitron...especially that see through quality (well hear through :)