Shunyata, Kimber or Nordost?

Since I will not be able to audtition, I am reaching out to the AudiogoN community.

I have Classé Omega Monoblocks & The Omega Preamp, Audiomeca Mephisto II.X CD Player and Audiomeca Romance turntable.  MBL 101D speakers.

Deciding between Shunyata Cirrus, Kimber Kable Monocle XL or Nordost SPM...thoughts?


I use all Shunyata cords in my system and am very happy.  When I was using a Classe model 15 amplifier, I used a Shunyata Copperhead pc and it sounded wonderful.
"Nordost SPM"

At least consider their latest iteration. SPM is a 15-20 year old model.

The Heimdall II is starting point for their latest design. You have top gear. I wouldn't consider less than Frey/Tyr II.

The cable company has a huge lending library so you can audition many different cables. It really is the only way to decide. 
The problem in audio is that most people have no idea what the differences are in cables. These brands own totally different properties how they influences the stage and also the sound.

I have sold Nordost for over 9 years of time and I have done hundreds of tests in 9 years of time. I still sell Kimber and have done many tests with them as well.

I even did sell Nordost loudspeaker cables with Kimber interconnects for about 3 yeats of time.

When I did a blind shootout between 100% Nordost or Nordost with Kimber interconnects, all people prefer the last combination.

There is a simple reason for that. The Kimber has different properties compared to Nordost. And what it adds was creating a deeper and wider stage. The instruments and voices became more physical apparent and also more realistic in dimension. Beside this the midd frequency became richer and more musical.

When you test and compare Nordost interconnects, powercables and loudspeakercables you will find out that compared to other brands the stage depth is less deep and wide with the Nordost cables.

Beside this, instruments and voices are less physical tangible like in real and also compared to others.

Shunyata is able to create a deep and wide stage, but also lacks the physical tangible intimate focus of voices and instruments as in real and also compared to Kimber and also Audioquest.

Kimber is able to create a wide and deep stage but with a more intimate and realistic individual focus of instruments and voices. And also a very rich middle frequency.

The Shunyatas also lacj the level of resolution and details which the Audioquest cables are able to reveal. In timing they are also not the best in the league.

When you have no idea what the DNA/properties are of a brand you have no idea which properties you bring in. You also have no idea what the properties are of the other parts of your system.

You will always listen to all the different properties of all the different parts in yous system togheter including the acoustics of your room. That is why it is essential to understand why the stage and sound of your system is what your hear/audition.

When you understand why the sound and stage of your system is whay you hear audio becomes so much more easy to understand it. This makes it a lot more easy to change and create the sound and stage you would like to get.


No offense, but your analogy reeks of pure BS.  I have had both Kimber and Audioquest cables in the past and now I exclusively use all Shunyata cables and power conditioners and my system sounds fantastic and better than ever.