Shunyata interconnect cables experience

Just a general question, does anyone have experience with Shunyata interconnect cables? RCA's. I am not talking power cables, but interconnects. I know their reputation in the power side of things. 
Reason I am asking is I just received their Alpha USB cable for between my Innuos Zen mkIII and Chord Qutest and I am pretty darn impressed with what I am hearing. I am replacing a Cardas High speed USB cable (the one with the double run of cable). The Cardas is a nice cable, but this Shunyata Alpha is just stunning, now I know its about 3x the cost, but I just hear so much deeper into the music. It has such a black background. Its very detailed yet very refined, hard to explain, its just more natural and musical. I have Shunyata Venon power cables, the NR V10 and NR V12 so I was already familiar with their quality and reputation on the power side of things. This was my first experience with any type if component cable.
So it makes me curious if their interconnects provide the same type of results? I am running a pair of Cardas Clear Cygnus between my Qutest and Primaluna. The Cygnus is a nice cable but now I wonder after trying the Shunyata Alpha USB, what am I missing with the interconnects?
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 All cables matter. I have found that power cables make the most difference. Then speaker cables, ans finally interconnect. I have not try an expensive USB cable yet. But I have a couple of different ones I have had for quite awhile. Some work better than others and I can definitely hear a difference between them. 

The Venom cables were made to fit an inexpensive price point. They are good but nowhere near the sound quality of their regular cables. Shunyata regular line cables are just superb.

Hello jmphotography. The usb cable does make an amazing difference. They carry very high frequency information. Audio interconnects do not. There will not be the stunning difference, but better cables will improve things. Try used ones from Used They have been very helpful to me in my cable education.
Would you recommend Shunyata or Synergistic Research for ARC and Wilson speakers. Thanks
The Sigma IC's are outstanding. I have been at this obsession for almost 50 years and they are the best I have heard -- and I have had many of the greats. Bought one pair of used XLR's for VTL 7.5iii preamp to Krell FPB 300cx amp; in a week I bought another XLR pair for PS Audio DSD Dac to pre. Eerily silent, full bodied and natural cables. Highly recommended.