Shunyata Hydra-vs-Balanced Power Tech Ultra

Im considering either at this point. Any comparisons or recommendations would be appreciated. I imagine both will be a step above my current Monster power strip. Thanks again fella's and possibly ladies.
Haven't tried the BPT, but I've owned the original Hydra and the Hydra-8. The 8 is a fantastic piece. It cleans up the sound to an extraordinary degree without compressing dynamics, like a lot of transformer-based units seem to do, or sacrificing musicality. And the price of 2k retail is pretty fair given its level of performance.
I used to have the BPT Signature Ultra. It did extraordinary things in my friend's setup in terms of completely holographic presentation and over definition. In my system it was stellar on video/tv, sonically it improved the bass on my cdp but slowed down my preamp and overall made things sound detailed but rather uninteresting. It has various degree of filtration but imo they have more negative side effects so I tried to run without them.
Good product that can improve some systems but it didn't work in mine. I hear the new Ultra Plus is better when comes to musicality. I have not heard Hydras but I want to try it next.
Just my 2c.
Thanks guys, every little bit helps