Shunyata Hydra V-ray V2

My Hydra has a very slight hum. Can barely hear it a foot away. I've been told that it's probably okay to run, but I'm just wondering if this is normal, if anyone else has a humming Hydra?

I would consult Shunyata for a definitive answer. The V-Ray is a high dollar product. I do not believe that it should hum?

As a comparison, I use Richard Gray products and these guys are dead silent for over 10 years now (and counting).
Happy Listening!

  I agree, you should call Shunyata. Their customer service is excellent. It may be somethig simple.

 I have a Hydra Triton and it does not hum.  Before the Triton, I had problems with compact fluorescent and LED bulbs causing hum in my preamp.

Actually, I e-mailed Richard at Shunyata(always have great customer service, one of the many things I appreciate about the company) before I posted and was assured that it was "likely a resonance in the filter array" and "not a performance issue or safety concern". My only reason for the post was to find out if it was a common occurrence.