Shunyata Hydra requires a 20 amp....

Power cable as opposed to a 15 amp cable.
Why is it that other power cable manufacturers do not list this spec? Is 15 amp a standard. Can I use my Eichmann or another cable I already own? Thanks.
If your existing power cord has a 15amp IEC then you will need an adapter,(Shunyata makes them.) If it has a 20amp IEC then you are good to go. There is no difference between a 20amp Diamonback, just as an example, and a 15amp Diamondback other than the IEC connector.
Good chance the Shunyata Hydra is UL listed. If the receptacle/s in the Hydra are 20 amp then the IEC must be 20 amp.

Odd thing though, you can buy power cords with a 20 amp IEC connector and a 15 amp male plug on the other end. The power cord could also be UL listed . Go figure.....
I have a Hydra 2 and a Guardian 2, and yes the connector at the device needs a 20 amp receptacle,and the end you plug into the wall can be 15 amp.

I also have a Furman IT 1220, that came with a 20 amp wall plug that you could replace with a 15 amp receptacle.

Strange world isn't it?