Shunyata Hydra idle current draw

Should my hydra draw any current with nothing plugged into it? Of course it's plugged into the wall, just so we are clear. My amp meter shows about 0.5 amps.
Does the Hydra have a little light going all the time or any equivalent element?
No. I have a call in to Shunyata, but I figured I might get a quick answer here. It seems like it's working properly, but now I'm not going to leave it plugged in until I get an answer.
Where are you taking the measurements from?
I built a power cord with the three wires separated just for taking current measurements. Amp clamp on the hot wire. Verified the amp meter was working on a 60 watt bulb.
Zd542, Sorry, I didn't answer your question. I took the measurements from the ac input, that is where my power cord was plugged in. Nothing plugged into the hydra.
Richard from Shunyata called me back. He said that Caelin said that this is normal for the v-ray, so I'm a happy camper. I've never had to call Shunyata, and I'm a long time user, so thank you for the excellent customer service.
Great to hear. Shunyata makes great stuff !
A capacitor across the hot and neutral will show this "draw". (0.5 amps X 120v = 60w) Your Hydra is not using this current. If it was, that 60w would be turned into heat, warming the metal case of the Hydra nicely. I bet it is stone cold after being plugged in for a lengthy period...