Shunyata hydra 8 wich outlets with Tact amps?

Im the proud owen of a Hydra 8 ,with all anaconda vx cabels.
My quetstian is should i plug my tact(fully digital amps) amps in the one side(analog) and the source in the other side (digital)
Or all in the digital side ?
I now have all connected to the digital side with no loss of dynamics.

asked this question of Shunyata a while back re dac & transport - basically told suck it & see.
I would connect your source to the digital and your 'digital' amps to the analogue
TDA, I have my TacT RCS 2.2X and three TacT amps all plugged into the digital outlets of a Hydra-8. Not sure that means much to you since I never tried the amps on the analog outlets.

What I find strange is the number of users who like the Shunyata VX on their TacT gear. I tried VX and it sucks the life out of the music. I use an Anaconda Alpha on the Hydra and Python Alphas on my source and TacT equipment. Same Hydra and TacT equipment but for me the VX is a poor match. I am not saying the VX users are wrong but I found the VX affect so dramatic it confuses me.

FYI, a dedicated 20 amp circuit and Shunyata Venom outlet are in front of the Hydra.
There isn't anything different between the left four and right four outlets (even though one side is labeled digital)The best isolation is separated between the left and right quads. With that keep your digit on one side vs your analogue on the other.

I actually have one anaconda alpha and have experimented a bit .
And my conclusion is the vx sounds better with the lyngdorf tda2200 a littel bit more detajle an alive sounding
But i use the alpha on my tda2200 amp that drives my corner subs

But i will try to experiment a litel with the different possibleties

I have the anaconda helix vx 20 amp on the hydra

I liv in denmark and the hydra is 1 240 version maybe that has somthing to do with the NO loss of dynamics with VX cabels