Shunyata Hydra

Anyone been using this? I've got one on order but was wondering how it compares to other highly regarded power conditioners. i know it is not a power conditioner per say but it does improve the power coming out of it. I still plan to hook amps to direct wall outlet. What changes have you experienced?
There is a recent post(last week)in the "Cables" forum that provided a few good reviews of the Hydra. "Seeking Opinions .... ", or something like that. I would add more, but after reading the descriptions of the break-in necessary, I think I should wait a few more weeks before giving my listening experience.
Massvm, is that to say that you have been less than impressed thus far??? I currently have a PP300, but need more juice and outlets. I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to a PP600 or go with a Hydra instead.
I really didn't mean to leave that impression Meta. My problem is that I have a hard time formulating an objective opinion when listening to slow changes during break-in of equipment. I put about 150 hours with 3-100 watt lights on it prior to installation, however, one post seems to indicate that this is not enough of a load, and it certainly isn’t enough time. (In fact, 200 hours is the minimum recommended by Shunyata.) I intend to remove it next week, and re-discover the old sound. I think the folks that posted on the other thread have more time on the Hydra, (apparently) done some decent A/B-ing and may have a better perspective.

My opinion, for what it’s worth.
At the CES, i was told that a Microsoft exec replaced all his PSA PP600 with a Hydra and has not looked back.
I just received a Hydra three days ago and also have a PS Audio 300 and a 600 (the latter is in for repairs). As soon as I give the Hydra a proper break-in I will post a comparison.
I think the MS Exec. probably got his Hydras from Stuart of Sanctuary Of Sound, who works up in that area and who told me that he sells lots of stuff to the wealthy boys of Redmond. When I bought my EC EMC-1 from him, he told me that he, at the time, had a 6 month exclusive with Shunyata, so there's another connection. I'm not saying the Hydra doesn't work, just that SoS is probably the one pushing them. Heck, I have two Black Mambas and a Cobra, as well as a PP300, so I've no axe to grind.


...And who was it in this thread Chris, exactly, that asked 'who was the one pushing them'? My but you're forthcoming with loose associations and subtle put downs, whether you've an 'axe to grind' or not, only you know.

I've known Stewart quite a while, long enough to know that he doesn't "push" anything. He's one of the most reputable dealers in the country and one of the very few I'll ever consider doing business with. Yes, I'm sure Stewart does a lot of business with MS exec's, but that's probably because he's a trustworthy dealer that carries exceptional products and provides excellent service IN THAT AREA of Washington. I live in Wisconsin, yet still call Stewart occasionally to ask his advice about a specific cable or component line.

While you didn't say anything openly offensive, I find your tone, and paraphrase "wealthy boys of Redmond" are way out of line given the person you're describing.

If Stewart is recommending the Hydra, it's because he believes strongly in the product and NOT because of some 'exclusive' deal. Stewart has heard just about every cable and power-line product on the market, if he carries a line, it's because he believes it's one of the best.
I second Samuels' assesment of Stewart. I've bought a few things from him and find him to be extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and has taken the time I needed of him to answer my questions. To put down a guy and his whole clientle is mighty bold Chris, I wish you luck with your aproach to kindness.
Samuel, we started a hockey team on a post (to help promote civil bashing and flaming) and we were looking for someone from Wisconsin to join us. We have a ex-North Dakota, Iowa, northern want to be, a crazed bashed and with you we cover the heart of hockey. So what do you say?
You both need to bone up on your English comprehension.

I take it that I'm not incorrect in my statements regarding SofS selling the Hydras?

By Samuel's admission, I've not said anything 'openly' offensive towards SofS and Stewart. I surmised that the dealer 'pushing' the Hydras was probably him, due to the fact that during some of my conversations with Stewart (prior to buying my EMC-1 from him a year ago last November,) he stated that he was selling them (EMC-1) like hotcakes to the 'wealthy boys from Redmond' read--Micro Soft execs. He also specifically stated, during one conversation, that he had just sold one MS exec. $26,000 worth of CABLES that day. Money to burn? Naw, they're paupers. He also mentioned his experience with Shunyata, just as they were becoming popular. I don't doubt his AC cord knowledge on bit.

I don't begrudge Stewart anything, but he seems to be fortunate to have a nice 'cash cow' so close by. How many Hi End stores do you see driving through the ghetto area? And it's not because the people living there don't like their hi fi.

That being said and moving on to my use of the term 'pushing,' I think I'll let it stand. There are too many products around to carry everything and I'm sure Stewart will be the first to tell you that he's carried some gear that didn't live up to its reputation in one way or another and was subsequently dumped. A dealer pushes the products he/she sells and I don't know one dealer who sells products (for vary long at least) that are thought of as inferior in their mind's eye. Dealers are salesmen/women and they make their living off of the products that they sell. Stewart doesn't, I believe, sell the PP units so if a client had them, it would benefit SofS to get that person to swap them out for the Hydras. This is common sense and there's nothing wrong it. I'd probably be a bit more comfortable if Stewart sold both, then the bias might be negated somewhat. Maybe it is better I don't know? I do know that the Hydra's way of doing things is very secretive and the PP units are not, but this is irrelevant to your comments regarding my post.

Like I said in my fist post, I have a Cobra and two Black Mambas and I'm looking for a second Cobra (or better) so I believe in the Shunyata philosophy. I just remember having a 'thought' when I first saw the Hydra ad and its price of $2000. It's a passive unit and it seemed, initially, to be a lot of money for something of the type.

In closing, every dealer has the latest and greatest products and it's up to us to listen for ourselves and/or do our research regarding such.

Anyway, I don't expect an apology from either of you and have a nice life.

OK, now that we got that cleared up. How about that Hydra? Owners that have one and it's broken in. What do you think? What did it replace? Are you keeping it? It is better than Microsoft approved? Have you compared it to a PS powerplant? Thanks. Just looking for opinions on the product from end users.
First let me extend my apologies to Esylsten as I am going to get stray away from his original post topic.
Chrisgarrett i know for a fact that Stewart did carry the PS audio line for some time. He told me he did not like the PS Audio as well as he did the Hydra, Bybee or Sound Applications.
As far as Microsoft being his cash cow? Stewarts customer base is all over the United States. He has earn his customers trust by delivering a good product at fair price.