Shunyata Hydra

Hi, has anyone tried to compare the Hydra4 vs 6? What are the basic sonic differences or improvements between the two?

The six has two more A/C plugs.
I couldn't believe it either -- but the Hydra 6 costs more.
check out Shunyata dot com for a spec sheet on each model. They look identical, save for the number of ac outlets
I think my response is a little simplistic.
The cabinet is bigger and there is more "magic gook" (the stuff that makes it sound good) inside.
And let's not forget the cryoed premium outlets.

The value of the 4, 6, 8 is that you don't have to purchase more power cords that would be required by 2, 3, 4 Hydra 2s.
As always, tailor your perspective to read:
"I'm not buying equipment, I'm buying GREAT SOUND!".
Makes spending the big-bucks easier...
Thanks guys. I'm quite happy with the Hydra4 except that I might upgrade to the 6 for more input outlets
I dont think you got your question answered did you?

I think the buss bars are of a different material and could result in some minor differences? I could be wrong!
There were NO buss bars in the Hydra-6, irrespective if what Shunyata claimed. It was all point to point wiring. This is a first hand info, since I opened mine.

Did they change the design ?
There was never a claim for buss bars in the Hydra model 4 and 6 units. The large copper buss bars are used only in the Hydra model 8 and V-Ray.

There are custom made buss straps (long solid flat copper straps) adjoining the outlets in the 4 and 6 models --instead of any point to point wiring. The only wiring in these two units is from and to the AC input IEC and EM breaker. This IEC input wiring exists in all electronics. The 7 awg. equivalent buss straps replace wiring between the three duplex outlets in the model 6 and the two duplex outlets in the model 4.

Performance wise, there should not be any appreciable difference between the models 4 and 6 as they are constructed similarly. There are substantial construction and performance differences between the model 8 and V-Ray Hydras, and the models 4, 6 and 2.

Grant Samuelsen
Shunyata Research
There was never a claim for buss bars in the Hydra model 4 and 6 units. The large copper buss bars are used only in the Hydra model 8 and V-Ray.

I appreciate your effort Grant, but your web site says otherwise:

"Hydra Model-6 incorporates all of the innovative design and technical elements -- save Shunyata’s FeSi-1000 compounds -- that have earned the Hydra-8 its unprecedented array of critical awards and professional endorsements. Shunyata’s six cryogenically treated SR-Z1 outlets are connected to the Hydra-6’s massive CDA 101 copper buss bars, eliminating all point-to-point wiring.

That text does appear misleading as to the exact differences between the buss straps that replace the wiring in the 6 and 4, and what are large buss bars in the core of the H8 and V-Ray (which do not replace the P-P wiring in the top models). What I said above stands. I will make the appropriate correction from 'massive CDA 101 buss bars', to solid CDA 101 copper buss straps in the product text. Since I wrote all the text for the web, I am certainly liable when something is not as exact as it should be. I appreciate the correction. I had likely copied text from the 8 section and not edited it appropriately--my bad.