Shunyata hydra 2 or ps audio duet for class d amp?

I have active woofers with class d amps in my full range speakers (evolution acoustics mm3). I currently use a ps audio duet conditioner on each side. Always looking for improvements I was wondering if replacing the ps audio with shunyata hydra 2 would be an improvement. Anyone compared these two devices on class d amps in a similar application? Any other options I should consider?
I have had success with LessLoss PC's on my Class D amps. On my ARC 150.2 Tripath amp the LessLoss Signature PC was better than plugging into the Hydra 4. The LessLoss goes straight into the wall.
On my Red Dragon Class D Mono's the standard LessLoss PC's were better than stock cords and better than stock into Acoustic Revive RTP 2 Outlet/PC.

Good luck.
Not sure if this will help, but I run my solid state amp and tube preamp off a Hydra 2 and use a Hydra 4 for all the source components. The noise floor lowered dramatically and the Hydra 2 will not limit amplifier current. I am a big fan of Shunyata and use their power cords as well on all my equipment.