Shunyata Hydera 8 or Richard Gray 1200 S custom??

I have researched a bit on this topic and have compared Shunyata Hydera 8 and Richard Gray 1200 S custom. The more I read reviews on these products the More confusing it becomes. I have to buy a power conditioner. Both of these brands are very highly rated and the reviews are excellent on both the products. the more I read revies the more confusing it becomes for me to buy either one of them. So now I am turning to the people who have experience with these products. Please advise on which one is a better choice.
What kind of amp are you using?Bob
Audience, Response
I have the Arcam AV8 as processor and P7 as AMP.
Some amp makers have a favorite depending on certain factors in their designs regarding series/parallel circuits and then somemore info I dont have on these products.Hopefully somebody will weigh in,good luck,Bob
I just recently purchased a Hydra 8 with the python power cord. The improvement was immediate. Have not compared it with the Richard Gray product. I have Audio Research amps and A Theta Didital CDP and both of these companies endorse the Shunyata products.
Is the Richard Gray 1200 a power conditioner or a surge protector?
The Richard Gray jives very well w/ Arcam gear!

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