Shunyata Helix Alpha vs Synergistic Master Couple


I just hooked up with someone who lives in my area(Montreal).I'm going to visit him to make some tests.
He's selling me a pair of Acoustic Zen matrix reference IC'S.
But I'm going to test out my interconnects(Harmonic Technology
Magic 2s).But the cable that I'm kinda curious to see how it fairs against my Synergistic Research Master Coupler is a Shunyata Taipan Helix 15 gauge power cord.Hes telling me that he finds that the Shunyata is exaggerating his bass for some reason I cannot understand? He's presently has his pc hooked up to a Classe amp.I in turn am using the Synergistic Research on my Peachtree Grand X1.But I'm running it through a Shunyata Guardian power filter with favorable results.When I go there this coming Monday,I want to compare mine to his going straight into a dedicated line.But than I will try both power cords through my filter.Hes using a Monster Power bar or something of that nature.But before I leave for the day,we've agreed to trade pcs for a few days.Im curious too see the result on my Peachtree? First I'll go straight through my dedicated line,and than through the Filter.If I like the results with the Shunyata and likes more my Synergistic Research,he would be ready to swap cables.Do you think this a reasonable move on my part,or his?
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different components and systems react in diff ways. so what you like he may not. Also you're using it with a Shunyata Guardian which may likely improve your outcome.

I think you have the right plan...listen !!