Shunyata for Arc REF5 SE

I understand audio research and shunyata cabling are a good match. I have a Ref5SE coming my way shortly and was wondering whether to get a z-tron cobra or a pick up as used phyton cx. I'd like to keep it in the sub $1K pricerange, so anything up the foodchain is out of the question. Anyone tried these two cables on an audio research preamp?
I have owned everything in Shunyata line and I'd encourage you to go with an Anaconda or Python CX for the ARC. You should be able to get one within your price range. I have a Conrad Johnson CT5 and use a Python CX with it but have heard the ARC and know others who use the Anaconda with it to good effect.

I also own the Python and Anaconda Zitron cords. I skipped the Cobra Zitron cord because my system leans to the revealing side and the Cobra, while it's a lightening fast and transparent cord, I think it lacks the smoothness of the CX line or the upper level Zitrons when it comes to upper registers in many systems. Hope this helps and someone with a Ref5 will weigh in.
I have a 5SE and used both cables. You're right about the synergy. The ZiTron cable contains technology that reduces dielectric capacitance distortion while the older CX does not. The differences are audible. I'd get the Cobra.
Hi,quite a few cx are coming up for sale at a good price.Im guessing the zitron is very very good,-but a k more. ? Personally,I think you will enjoy your pre,with either one.Python would be the bees neez
Vhiner, if I can get a good deal on a Phyton Zitron I would consider upping the budget (story of my life). Would this cord combine the smoothness of the CX with speed of the Zitron?

While on the subject, I am using phyton CX on my PS audio P5 conditioners. I am thinking of moving these to my monoblocks and get Zitrons for my P5s. What level cable would you recommend? Note that the king cobra CX sells for 50% off at music direct. How does the king cobra stack up against the Zitron Phyton?
I would probably lean toward the Python CX... ARC Ref pres have a hefty power supply, which I suspect may best be served by a PC of heavish gage... My concern is that Cobra Z-Tron might yield stage and images of slightly reduced size compared to Python CX. I invite Jtimothya to comment on my conjecture.

Regards, G.

The Python Zitron is perfect for your preamp and is what the folks at Shunyata recommend for a front end of your caliber. It does give you the CX musicality with the Zitron speed and transparency, IMHO. It's what I'd put on my CJ if I had the cash.

The KC is a stellar cord and clearly beats the Cobra Zitron in my book. However, it does not match the Python Zitron's speed, transparency and balance across the spectrum.

Finally, I have found the best, largest gauge cords should go to the wall and lesser cords elsewhere. I also think amps work best directly to the wall unless you're using a non-limiting conditioner. Just my two cents.
OK. I'll probably shoot for a Phyton Zitron funds permitting.

I suppose I should add that I'm using the Anaconda Zitron on my Classe Delta 2200 amp to the wall and on my Triton conditionerto the wall. I opted to spend my money there and live with lesser cords on everything else. The Python Zitron would be my second choice in those spots. I really have no idea how Shunyata Zitron cords mate with the P5 but they love my PWD MKII. ;-)
My concern is that Cobra Z-Tron might yield stage and images of slightly reduced size compared to Python CX.

Hi Guido, I don't recall experiencing a smaller overall context or reduced image scale with the Zi-Tron Cobra, though its been almost a year since I tried that cable. I suspect "wire gauge inadequacy" relative to a hungry 5SE power supply would manifest itself first as dynamic compression, but there's no sure rule to that. Soundstage size might be more a function of phase information (which tends to be timing-signal related and blurred by noise) versus current throughput. But that's just a theory. I do agree - if the caps aren't getting filled, then all bets are off. Between the two, the wire gauges are similar with the Python CX coming in slightly larger at 9 AWG and the Zi-Tron Cobra at 10.

Unless there really is an issue of impaired dynamics or immediacy that can be solved by a larger gauge wire such as a King Cobra CX, then I'm biased on the side of lower distortion, and opt for the Zi-Tron cords. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've not run into such a situation with front-end components or sources.

Edorr, the simple answer of course is exactly where you landed: avoid the issue entirely with the Zi-Tron Python.
Thanks guys. Good input. I'll probably start by picking up one or more Zitron Pythons and try them in a few places. I was never really impressed with the Synergistic Resarch Hologram D on my DAC, so I may try a Shunyata cord there as well.
I agree with the consensus that the Cobra Z's might be too neutral and or lean with the wrong combination. That being said I replaced a pair of the mega sized Hydra Hc VTX cords on my amps with a pair of Cobra Zs without a loss in dynamics, bass, soundstage scale, etc... There has been a long kinda roller coaster ride with break in ei. first things sounding just right then leanish now finally just right again. I have no dobt the Python Z's would be even better but you may just get away with the $1k less expensive Cobras. Just my 2 cents. YMMV.
At the moment Edorr,Im using cheap interconnects and powercords,cause I blew the budget on the pre.And love the the SE now,so you're in for a treat,this pre is awesome.Im using tara labs master ic,and air power cord,at this stage,so there's lots of even better music to come,when I can afford it.Im running it through a $1500 Plinius SA 100 mk 2 and its not dissapointing.cheers