Shunyata conditioner - but which one?

Upgrading from Tice Solo. Will use with pre, Bryston digital combo, and VPI tt.  Amps will still go directly into wall. Narrowed purchase to Shunyata.  But there's so many models available, new and used, that I'm overwhelmed. What model offers the best bang for the buck? - Defender, Hydra, Hydra VRay, Hydra Alpha, Hydra Talos, Triton, or PS8 power distributor, to name a few. 
With all the Shunyata fans out I am surprised no one has chimed in and answered your question. I know on another site I frequent there are at least 50 Shunyata users on there on a regular basis. I would give you the other website but I am not sure if is against the rules on this site to do that.

I would seek out the 1st V-Ray model, and see/hear where things take you. Watch the used/demo market for the best price.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!