Shunyata conditioner

New Shunyata PS8 + Defender or Used Hydra 6?
I have a Hydra 4 and a Hydra 2 in my system. The only difference between the Hydra 4 and 6 are the two extra outlets. The noise floor dropped to zero once the Hydra was inserted into my system. I have a tube preamp and can turn the volume all the way up with absolutely no hiss. I mostly buy used so I would say to go with the Hydra 6.

I recommend you call Shunyata Research and ask for Grant Samuelson. I can't tell you how many times Grant has advised me to go with the "cheaper" option because it was best for my system and needs. He will give you honest advice that is not motivated by a "sale first" mentality. Every system is different and the correct choice here depends upon many variables and your own personal tastes. Shunyata is a special company and they strive for life-long customers as opposed to the quick sale. They also fully support second-hand owners of their products. It's definitely worth a phone call.
Consider the V-Ray v1 or v2.
Sound Applications. I tride both and if you can find a Sound Applications, you will be happiest. Check on AA. I saw one there a while back and he was ready to deal....

I recommend dropping dynamics limiting power conditioning all together. Perhaps there is a power conditioner out there that does not limit dynamics much, as I have not heard them all. However, I have owned many and the best sound I have heard yet is from my non limiting outstanding Shunyata PS8 Power Distributor.

Better yet, why not instead of getting a Shunyata PS8 power distributor, get a 10 gauge dedicated power line installed for around $350 and add three Furutech pure copper GTX-D outlets. I have seen them discounted down to $135 each for the gold plated edition (pure copper sounds superior to brass). So, for around the cost of a Shunyata PS8 at $750 you will have superior sounding pure copper Cryo gold plated outlets (instead of gold plated non optimal brass/phosphor bronze Cryo Hubbell outlets Shunyata uses) and a dedicated line with provides superior musicality, more dynamic sound, and less noise.

However, if that is not an option or like me you have not gotten around to it yet, I love my Shunyata PS8 Power Distributer and Python CX power cord. The net sound is better than any power conditioner I have heard yet and close to that wonderful glowing sound I hear late at night when the power grid is not taxed and noisy.
I run direct to the AC outlet for my power amps. I use the Shunyata Hydra-6 for every thing else. Sounds fine to me.