Shunyata Cobra vs King Cobra v1/v2

Shunyata use to have relatively detailed descriptions of their former cords on their web site. This, of course, is of value for the used market and surely does not hurt resale value either. I have written Shunyata and asked them to redisplay the former cord info. Not knowing the results of that request I was wondering if anyone can tell me the technical and sonic differences between the former Shunyata Cobra and former Shunyata King Cobra version 1 and the current Shunyata King CObra version 2? Thanks for any help!

I too was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago and emailed Shunyata and received an answer back from Grant Samuelson of Shunyata on the differences between the two.

"The main difference is the silver and rhodium plating materrials that are used on the contacts of the v2. The sonic differences are that the v2 will sound less romantic, more pitch differentiated in the bass and have a bit
more sparkle and percieced frequency extension in the top octaves.

If your system is a little lean, solid state/digital I would opt for the v1. If you would like the ultimate in impact and an ultra transparent sound, the v2 fits the bill nicely. I see the v2 as being "slightly" better in an overall sense, but the differences in their performance are notable and may fit one system better than another."

I also was considering the new Powersnake Python and posed the question to Grant as well and here is his response:

" The Python will offer a better sense of speed, pace and dynamic power, while the King Cobra v1 will bring spatial and ambient cues to the fore more readily and have a more holographic presentation of images in space. The Python is more linear and neutral tonally, while the King Cobra v1 leans toward the richer, full bodied side of neutrality. Personally, I could live with either, but you may have a preference based on your system and listening bias."

So for now, I have found a King Cobra V1 at a good price and have purchased a Python as well to compare. I may consider the KC V2 at a later date, but from what Grant stated, I think the KC V1 will better match my system.

Good luck.
Thanks David for your thoughtful message. Do you have any idea how the Cobra compares to the King Cobra V1?
Hi Nanderson...I've owned the Cobra and King Cobra so I will try to give you an idea of the differences. First of all, both cords are outstanding. Both cords deliver excellent bass response, substantially reduce background noise and reveal previously unheard information from your recording. The King Cobra does this to a greater degree. A little deeper bass, a little cleaner sound, a little more transparency, etc. The "biggest" difference to me was the difference in the depth of soundstage. The King Cobra was more "in you face". The Cobra had a more natural depth and in my system I actually preferred it over the KC. Both of the cords have a "Wattagate" gold plated plug. This plug tends to be a little bright but if you have a tubed system it may be preferred. It is my understanding that Caelin stopped making the Cobra because it's build cost was so close to the KC that it really wasn't financially equitable to continue its production. It's a shame...the Cobra was among the very best out there. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Sorry, I did not pose this question to Grant at Shunyata. If you go to the, you can email Grant directly and ask for his thoughts on the Cobra vs. KC V1.

Thanks Jaguar and David for your Help!