Shunyata Anatares Interconnect and the three bears

I have searched the threads here regarding this cable .....even one that I started back in 2006 and wanted to know if the opinions of this cable have changed. Are they that ''lean'' as some reviewers and listeners have described or are they more accurate ????.....and your ears have to listen to them differently and then get used to them ( oohhh, as I hear the can of worms open up )and realize they are more accuate ???? I just purchased Jeff Rowland's 501 mono-bloc amps and because they are digitally based they are different and to ME and do sound better. It did take a littel while as they are fast, articulate and very detailed....what's on the recording is on the recording...if it's recorded well it comes out that they...if not, then you know. the point - Shunyata is coming out with a new cable line which includes interconnects and you can get the Antares at a good price. I was thinking about the Antares as I want to bring out the strength of those 501 amps and not try to tone them down so to speak because of their quickness and accuracy. Has anybody used the Antares on digital amps ???? Did Shunyata make a sonic mistake in voicing those cables the way they did...and are the new cables going to take a direction that is more customer based ???
I have tried them in my system. The are more transparent than they are warm, but lean ? I wouldn't say so. They have more texture than Valhallas, for example.

If I were you, I would try KS Emotion cables with those JRDG amps though.
Thanks Elberoth2, Kubala-Sosna make beautiful cables...and I have listend to them in the past but were not the right cables for me. They may be you have first hand knowledge of them being used with the 501's with success ???
No just guessing. IMO they would give the 501s more texture.

I am confronted now to the same "problem" ...
I've just bought the 501s + Capri

It would be interesting for me to know about your discoveries / experiences