Shunyata Anaconda VX or Elrod III?

Anyone heard compared them? Shunyata Anaconda VX and Elrod

What the BEST for systems 2 canal only pure MUSIC.

High End equipments:
Simone York, Sequerra FM reference, Wadia 861 and AA Capitole, Futur Amps/preamp Viola labs ex staff from Cello,
And Aerial 20T.
I have Electraglide FatMan K, Genghis Khan and Shunyata Anaconda Vx in my system. David Elrod worked for Electraglide and started his business with this knowledge, his cables are very similar to Electraglide. So I hope that my experiences may be of interest for you.

All are very good cables, great resolution and soundstage, but they are also very different. The Genghis Khan is crystal clear, more dynamic and more precise in it's presentation. The Anaconda is warmer and darker. I tried all Genghis Khan in my system (Wadia 270 - 27ix - Chord SPM 5000 - Watt/Puppy) and it was too cold. I tried two Anacondas for the Wadia's and the sound was to dark and to slow. Best match in my setup is GK for the 270, Anaconda for the 27ix and GK for the Chord.
For your Wadia 861, which is very dynamic, the Anaconda may be the better match, more musical. But for the warm sounding Audio Aero the dynamic GK may be superior.
At power amps the affordable FatMan is great, but if you look for the best the Khan is my first choice.

I may say that in most systems the Khan is the better cable, but it's more a question of system matching. There is no best power cord for every system. Hope that helps.
Well said Uli. You accurately described my "too many cooks" analogy.Based on my own experience I am in agreement that power cords need to be fine-tuned to the system.
Both cables are great. Depends on what you need. Anaconda for warmth and musicality. Elrod for transparency.
For what it's worth: the Elrod cords are NOT Electraglide cords. From what I've heard, they have been SIGNIFICANTLY improved (see Bob Neill's review in Positive Feedback, for example). Also, be aware that the Signature Elrods are considerably better than the standard cords. Finally, the Signatures are less expensive than the Anaconda. I have no connection with Elrod (or any other manufacturer or dealer), by the way. I'm just a very happy customer/user of the Elrod cords, including having upgraded from the standards to the Signatures. Also, if you're looking for great cords for much less money, you might want to consider the TG SLVR cord. (see also Bob Neill's review in PF). Good luck.
Elrod 3 Signature or Kimber Palladium PK10

Either is as good or better than the Annaconda VX IMHO.

I have compared the VX to the Palladium in a reference system, and the Palladiums are as good or better. I think the Elrod 3 Signature is a slightly better cord than the Palladium (it is a matter of taste and system and component). The 3 Signature performs remarkably on my Ayre CX-7 CDP.