Shunyata Anaconda: VX or Alpha???


I need your help to identify the model of my Shunyata Anaconda. If you look at my ad, one end of the cord marks Anaconda VX with small Alpha sign next to it and the other end marks Anaconda VX.

I have an old version of Shunyata Python and when I hold it in vertical position, I can hear the sound as if there is sand running inside the cord, but I could not hear that kind of sound on my Anaconda. Actually, I can hear a kind of solid noise in my Anaconda when I shake it(like a small rock in there) but not a running sand noise like my Python.

I wonder if it says VX, then I must hear a sound like running sand inside the cable or if there don't have sound like running sand, then the cable must mark as a Alpha.

Is my Anaconda a VX, Alpha or Matrix (shunyata website list Matrix model)?

Is there any VX model having no FiSe 1000 compound?

Do you hear anything in your VX or Alpha model when you hold it in vertical position? Please help


It sounds as if your Anaconda is a very early Alpha model. Prior to removing the vX designator from the label entirely there was one batch that still had the vX on the label but carried the Alpha designator. These had grey labels with black lettering I believe.

If you cannot hear the small FeSi 1002 beads within the sleeve when moved at all then it is definitely an Alpha version power cord.

The solid noise you hear when shaking the cord is likely the set of conductors within the hollow tube. If you have any other questions please direct them to the customer service section on our web.


Shunyata Research
Yes, mine has grey labels with black lattering. I also have a thoght tthat the sound from shaking is a conductor within the hollow tube.

So, mine is Alpha model.

Is there any different between the early version with the later version?

Thanks for your help Grant!