Shunyata Anaconda Alpha or Elrod Statement?

I am looking for the right powercable for my MF Nu-Vista 300 poweramp? I tried many: MIT AC-1 Oracle, Valhalla, Electraglide, Cardas Golden Ref. But they all have problems in different freq. So I look for a powercable that handles the freq from the lowest to the highest?

My system: Nautilus 800's, Meridian 800 Dax v4 ( version 2005 ), Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 300 power, Valhalla loudspeakercable, 2 Valhalla powercables, Acapella rca, KE Powersource ( conditioner )
OK, I'll vote and take the criticism that will likely follow.

In my opinion, the Elrod is the far superior product of the two. I've had both of those cables in my system on Aesthetix preamp and my cheap digital and the Elrod had less coloration, more linear top to bottom with fewer tonal balance errors. Signal to noise (apparent blackness) was near identical.

My biggest objection to the Shunyata was the midrange.
With the kind of expendable loot you obviously have....quit being cheap-buy both and you make the call.
Actually Krelldog gave the better answer, your the one that has to live with this decision long term.
I totally agree with Albertporter. Using Statement on McCormack DNA-500 with wonderful results. The Shunyata wasn't bad, but the Elrod just lets more of the music through, especially the mids.
If there are people with other suggestions, I am open for that too. Just let me know.....
What is the difference between the Elrod and the Purist powercords?
I hope to find the right powercable for my Nu-Vista 300 poweramp.

My system: Nautilus 800, Meridian 800 DAX v4 ( model 2005 ), Musical Fidelity Nu-vista 300 Power, Valhalla loudspeakercable, 2 Valhalla powercables, Acapella rca, KE Powersource ( conditioner )

I was thinking about the Shunyata Anaconda Alpha, Elrod, Purist or......

Just give me the right advise for the cable what can give me the whole freq. spectrum van the lowest to the highest?

I used the following cables: MIT AC-1 Oracle, I liked this one exept it missed the lower freq. Valhalla, I missed the focus and didn't like the harsh sound in the low freq. Also the mids where not involving anymore. The Electraglides miss the power in the low freq also.

First of all, I am prejudiced. I have been using Purist Audio cables for 20 years and it's absolutely my favorite.

I might be able to loan you a Purist power cable in the near future. I just swapped out four to the new Aqueous Anniversary and (if you can wait for a couple of months) there is a new Purist power cable coming and I will be moving to these. I may have as many as ten AC cables available all at once.

If we communicate and find each other trustworthy, you could borrow one of the earlier versions for audition and determine if it's right for you.
I'm a long time Elrod user, I have their Standart, Signature and Statement series pc's and i'm quite happy with them. I've found them to be better than Shunyata cables when I compared them about 4-5 yrs ago.

While I'm quite satisfied with their performance I HATE their weight and size. They are simply the worst cables when it comes to ergonomics and ease of use. They are a big pain to plug to the equipment and power outlets. And if you happen to use them for equipment placed in a rack then you're in big trouble. You simply need to fasten those cables somewhere otherwise it will break your equipment inlets or raise the front of them.

Just for these, I'm looking for some other more flexible, lighter cables with equal sound quality. I'll try those new Shunyata Helix cables and some Stealth Dream cables. I'm also open to new suggestions but I'm affraid not many cables will beat Elrods in sound quality.
That is a good offer, but I life in the Netherlands. So I have to rebuild the cable twice.
In my system on Tenor 300 watt Hybrids with 20 amp IEC's i preferred the Elrod Statements to the Anaconda Alpha's. The Elrods were a good deal more dynamic and portrayed a better sense of effortlessness. The Elrods seemed to 'flesh-out' images better in my system (which at that time included all Valhalla interconnects).

i would expect your system to have a similar tonal character to mine at that time.

i also recomnmend that, if possible, you listen for yourself.

i would caution that the Statements are quite large and stiff; and won't logistically work well in every system. If you are using any sort of 'floating' isolation the Elrods may neutralize it's effect.
Hey Albert, I was wondering if I can change the plugs on the cable to the plugs I want to use because the Purist uses Fluid inside there cables?
Yes the ends may be changed. As for concerns about fluid, the newest Purist Audio cables are filled with Contego, not fluid.

Anyway, the fluid or Contego stops a few inches from the termination point with a flexible section. The seal is not broken when the plugs are swapped in either design.

I imagine almost any cable from any audiophile builder could be special ordered with plugs of your choice. Common example is approved male terminations for Japan or Europe.

I have changed male plugs on several brands of cables, including Purist, from 120V to 240V and back again. If your interested in a specific brand (as opposed to voltage-design), again, it is likely any builder would accommodate you for cost of material when assembling your order.
Thanks everyone for there support. I read a lot af articles about the cabels. And I decided to go for Purist Audio. I know there are new cable already and some are comming. What is the best to but know for a price of about 1000 us dollar? I need 1 metre length.
I also love the Elrod Statements sound, but was frustrated with their unwieldy nature and bulk ( I currently also have a small room.) So recently I went on a quest to find a pc at least equal the sonics of the Statement, without the Statement ergonomics. I tried several cords including the Epiphany X ( an nice cord but I felt lacking weight IMS.) and Kubala-Sosna Emotion (excellent cord for the money and very close to the Elrod.) Thus far, the only pc I have tried, and now have purchased which exceeded the Elrod in my system and by a far amount to my great surprise is the Jena Model One pc. It is very pricey, supple in design and has a buit in power conditioner. I thought that this built conditioner would be gimmicky and limit dynamics, but nothing is further from the truth. This pc gave me another degree of improved dynamics (macro and micro) and low-level detail, while retaining the natural resolution that I still love about the Elrod. I am waiting to try the Prana Maha-Samdhi pc, but this is even more expensive. One of the things I have learned is that there is always better equipment , wire, and etc, but the music is what I enjoy the most.

in my above comments i didn't want to go OT and bring up another power cord......but since i didn't start it i'll second Rgwrjs's comments. i now am using 7 Jena Labs Fundamental One power cords in place of my Elrods. I found that the Jena's were slightly different than the Elrod Statements (more vivid with blacker backgrounds and a bit more microdynamics......the Elrod sounding slighly more meaty and a bit more macro-dynamic). in some systems the Statements do sound a bit boomey although in my system with Valhalla and Opus i've not ever heard that. the Jena's are much easier to live with logistically. another advantage is with a separate conditioner/filter on every cord you eliminate digital back-fill from any digital gear into the system. i have a transport, dac, and also a 1000 watt digital amp in each speaker for the integral keeping the digital hash out of the power grid seems to be significant in lowering the noise floor.
I have what I consider to be some serious Hi-Fi gear Sonus Faber Stradivari speakers, Halcro Dm58 mono blocks & Dm10 pre-amp and Reimyo CDP-777 CD player and would like offer my comments. I have tried a lot of cables and interconnects including Shunyata, which were more detailed and open than Harmonix's top end items but so far the best by far are the new highly flexible Analysis Plus Golden Oval speaker cables and interconnects, they are awasome and allow a seamless full range including deep clean bottom end and these get my approval rating and are well worth the money. However I have just heard about Sonus Fabers new cables so I am going to give them a try to see how they perform too. Remember your power cords are just as critcal a choice.