Shunyata Altair and Antares IC opinions

Hi, I want to know your opinion and experiences with Shunyatas Altair and Antares interconnect cables.
Could you compare with other brands ? How you can describe the sound ?
I´m loocking for IC for tube preamplifier to ss amplifier.
The amplifier has lot of detail, speed and dynamic, so I prefer very musical and sweet IC.
I will apreciate your suggest and opinions.
A month out from the original post, so not sure if an answer is still relevant. I picked up a pair of 1 meter altairs that were a dealer demo. Initial impression is they do pretty much everything the helix power cables do, only in IC form (much like their speaker cables do as well). Wide, deep soundstage. Not terribly bright. Good low end response and very revealing. Offhand I'd say they're a neutral cable overall as they don't overdo anything in particular. I've had good experience with Cardas Golden Reference and Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. That said, I would say the Altair are about in the middle of these two as far as characteristics. Quick, revealing and dynamic like the AZs while providing a slightly rolled off upper frequency response and excellent low end detail like the Golden Reference. When I say rolled off, this is only in contrast to what most silver cables seem to portray, otherwise they may well be on par with most upper end copper ICs.