Shunyata Alpha/Delta NR Line.

Does anyone have experience with the new line of NR cables? How would it compare with the previous line of Shunyata cables especially the Alpha HC or digital?
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Am using Delta NR in place of a Python HX (hmm, green ends? Dont want to run 2 flights down to ck) on my Oppo 205. It has provided a nice small bump in sonics. Have a Hydra 2 & 20a Python feeding it.
Allhifi: haven’t been in here in a while.
I’ve no need to get other equipment to evaluate the shunyata, thanks. There’s been a flow of equipment throughout the house: ARC, Hegel, Parasound. And if I needed it, a dealership with things i USED to own: Wilson speakers, newer ARC. And with my ASC-designed room with 30-40 tube traps, that MORE than makes up for the reviews I read by others. It more than made up for what I heard when HP and I compared notes in the old days when he was alive, and I’d point out something HE missed. So there. Besides, I’m going on my 7th decade of life. No point buying something expensive and keeling over the next month. My family wouldn’t even know what to sell my Nordost stuff for. I’d like to spare them selling Valhalla for $400, thanks.

What was left unsaid was that I was once a reviewer for TAS and the equipment manager for the now defunct Fi Magazine. I’ve heard -and owned - equipment most salivate at. And my ears are the most important instrument in evaluations, not the equipment. Poorly set up ARC (meaning, crappy room acoustics - a common malady, by the way, from what i’ve seen, as well as in a dealer’s showroom with a 100k system, which, while more ’detailed,’ sounded less like anything ’live’ than I’ve heard in 40 years of High End listening and 60 years of being in bands, concert halls and other live venues before they starting using microphones and PA systems for Ella (vile!)) - and heard, in others’ systems - give far less musical satisfaction than using "good" but not SOTA equipment. I’ve owned, ARC, Jadis, Goldmund, Infinity, Avalon, Rowland, Convergent, Transparent, MIT, Nordost, VTL, VAC, Clearaudio, VPI and my prized Versa Dynamics 2.3 turntable, as well as many others. And a CJ ET3 SE is nothing to sneeze at (You hurt its feelings! I had to anti-static the poor dear when I told it about your response!) These days, I just want to enjoy music, not - as so many - the equipment. Try to keep an open mind about what can be heard without SOTA. And by the way, the ASL Hurricanes’ realism trumps nearly anything I’ve yet heard. Which is why I still own it after 15 years, longer even than my Goldmund Mimesis 9 (THE most transparent, $14,000 amp I’ve ever had, along with the $13,000 VAC amps). Both fantastic, but certainly NOT the "Good-God-it’s-live-not-Memorex" ability of the ASLs. "More detail" is no substitute for "it actually sounds ’real.’" Have you ever heard the Hurricanes? Doesn’t sound like you have or you’d have kept the disbelief in check. I get it. "Marquee value" impresses you. It did to me, too - 30 years ago. Then I grew past it.
I have this same question:

" am seeking advice from users that have compared it to the Alpha or Sigma NR. On paper, they only differ in total wire gage ( 10ga. 8ga, 6ga). So if my gear doesnt need the extra gage diameter for power draw, what else could be improved upon the DeltaNR model ? "

I chose the Delta V2 XC because the Shunyata Venom V16 has the same NR components in the NR version of the cable. I personally enjoy the type of geometry that Shunyata uses on the Reference line.  Concentric circles of layered copper as one conductor and the other a silver conductor at the center core.  This isn't too far off from Cardas' style of "golden ratio" cable design.

Looking at the Alpha and Sigma versions, they add $1000 to the price tag and what you get is thicker gauge of both conductors. Whereas my setup isn't really drawing so much power as to require thicker gauge, there is still the idea that the more conductor you have, the lower the impedance there is in transfer of signal.

So the question is, how would larger gauge impact the sound quality?
I own a 3 meter XLR pair of the the Shunyata Sigma V2's and it has been my best interconnect to date.

Hi @guakus.Go to the bottom of this page:

You will see the difference between Delta vs Alpha and Sigma. Not just the gauge, check the jacket, carbon fiber on Alpha and Sigma vs Polycarbonate on Delta.

With regards to gauge, check the Dynamic Transient Current Delivery (DTCD) on Shunyata website under technology