Has anyone upgraded from the Anaconda power cord's to the king Cobra's. I have a bunch of Anaconda's that I would upgrade but I don't see how anything could be appreciable better, and one must consider the cost, or so I'm told.
If you're considering the King Cobras, I'd highly recommend trying the VSA Masterbuilt powercords first. I was using Pythons and Anacondas (now relegated to other equipment), but the Masterbuilt Signature powercords are in a completely different league. Contact VonSchweikert Audio for info.
Tmsorosk - I've used both Anaconda CXs and King Cobras CXs. Since you are familiar with the Anaconda, maybe the best way to describe the KC is to say it offers more of what the Anaconda offers in the same way that the Anaconda offers more of what you'd get from say, a Python CX. It is a relative improvement best tied to gear capable of showing the improvements it can bring.

Overall that means a lower noise floor which translates to improvement in transparency and detail. Those general characteristics cash out in different ways depending on your gear; for example: improved image specificity, heightened image dimensionality, more harmonic information, with improved definition on leading edges, including lower frequency instruments such as cellos, basses, timpani. The KC is a 5AWG cable and offers the current handling ability you'd expect from a wire that size - it is definitely a hefty power cord.

I heard the biggest impact from the King Cobra on my ARC Ref Phono 2 phono stage. All that being said, I read that in a couple weeks at CES, Shunyata may be introducing new technologies into their power cord lineup similar to what they did with their ICs and speaker cables. I don't have the URL handy, but there is a recent TAS/Robert Harley review of those which suggests the changes are not subtle.
Jtimothya says it very well. I have a few Anaconda cx's and a few king cobra cx's.

On my digital, Anaconda vs King Cobra was small step up, on my phono stage the lower noise brought out bigger gains in transparency and detail....

Do you have Anaconda powering your Hydra Vray? You might try a King Cobra here first...
yes, heard shunyata will bring out entire new power cords line. Tmsorok let me know if you want to part with your anaconda cx 20amp
Thanks , Jtimothya and Jfrech, those are the type of responses that I was hoping to hear. I do use an Anaconda on my V-Ray and all first string equipment, power amp, preamp, conditioner, CD player and DAC. Also use Python's on my less important stuff. There has been some changes since I took the pictures that are on my system link, including moving to a larger house, I did lose my built in system but have the system in the living room, which is a pretty good compromise.
Goone I'm not going to sell anything yet, I do have a spare 20amp Anaconda left over from an ARC preamp that I owned, but all my power cords are one meter, they just sounded a touch better than the two meter's.
Regards Tim
Tmsorok no problem,
actually I am looking for 1M