Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z in Audio Note amplifiers?

Interested in user experiences with Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z tubes in Audio Note amplifiers.

Hello Tvad,

Go for Shuguang Treasures I think you will be very pleased. I have them in a pair of Audio Note Quests and I am very pleased. I just ordered additional pairs for an Audio Note Conquest Silver Signature. The improvement going from the supplied stock tubes to the Treasures was not subtle, it was DRAMATIC, everything snaps into place.

The stock tubes are warmer than the Shuguang Treasures 300 B tubes but the Treasures are not cool sounding at all. I would categorize them as being very balanced sounding, in an all Audio Note System.

Granted I have not rolled a lot of 300 B's, I stated with the Treasures, and the EAT. I was looking for improved bass definition and control over the stock tubes. I found everything I was after. I only plan to try Western Electric, when they come back online.

As a side note I found the EAT tubes to "cool" overall for my tastes.


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Thanks, David. If you have the high gain version of the Quest amps, what 6SN7 are you using in them?

FWIW, I don't find my Conquest Silver amps with the stock 300B tubes to be particularly warm. In fact, they are a little more tipped up than I expected.

I'm using RCA 5692 red base tubes, which I have found rounds out the sound to my liking.