Shuguang 310A vs. WE310A

Id like to note my small experience with the 310A tube, generally because it is I suppose, contrary to the expected outcome in this case and may assist others in the future in their consideration of 310A's and the limited info.

Western electic being the originator of this tube, it is generally held as the respected 'go to' of this valve. I have had WE310A's in my LM219ia for several months now. While after initial install, there was no improvement, I figured I would give the tubes time to open and break in as i purchased them as NOS. Roughly 5 months later, I decided to swap the stock shuguang 310A's back in (last night). I can confirm that the shugaung 310A's ARE in fact the better tube in MY system. I noticed some additional transparency, and a little bit more attack returned. I will be leaving the shuguangs in. To put it would be like there was one verrryy thin cotton sheet over my speakers that has now been removed by switching back to the shuguangs.

You hear that the stock shuguangs that come in this amp are in fact pretty good. Ive read one other post on another forum of an individual stating to leave the stock 310A's as he found them to be better than the WE310A's as well. This was one solemn instance on one board, thus i decided to see for myself, and with giving the WE's enough time to settle, i feel that confident in being the second person to state that in fact, the shuguangs are superior... In my system at least..

. I wonder how significant the more costly shuguang 310A models might or might not be compared to these..Others who may have upgraded up the path of 310A's and could weigh in, please do.


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Glad i could help you make the call. The stock 310’s are just fine in my system. It is almost hard to describe the tonal difference from the WE’s but what i can say overall is i do prefer the stock.

What other tubes did you roll in? Which 300B’s? Which 845’s? And what sort of improvements did they 845 yield? Just like to collect info from owners of the same amp, as im still running the factory shuguang 845's.