Shrinking Technics dealer network

The "Where to Buy" page on the Technics Website has many, many fewer U.S. dealers than it did last time I checked. When I last looked, probably three or so months back, there were two dealers in New England, each roughly 100 miles from me. When I looked this morning, in the hopes that there'd be a dealer that was much closer, I noted that the two New England shops that had been there are gone now. Though I hadn't counted up all the U.S. dealers, I'd bet that the full list is down by maybe 40% from where it was early this year.

Anyone know, or care to speculate about, what's going on? I'd been planning to get an SL-1200GR as my retirement 'table, and since retirement is getting closer, figured I'd have a look, etc.

Music Direct is now selling Technics turntables.  If you are in or near NY, I bought my Technics SL1200G from Adirondack Audio in Queensbury, NY.  Safe and Sound in Chicopee, MA is a dealer as well. 
Thanks for your response. Just FYI: I phoned Safe and Sound and learned that they are not, in fact, a Technics dealer.
-- Howard

A few months ago, they had technics listed on their web site.  Go figure.