Shrinking my system

I'm moving to NYC from a gigantic place out West and I need smaller speakers. I've got a VPI Scout II and a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum. I'm going to pack up the Vandersteens, and I'm thinking of going Klipsch. No bigger than 5" bookshelves and a sub. What would you do?
I'd buy a pair of Totem Rainmakers or Model 1 Signatures if I was flush.

Read the famous review of Rainmakers in Sterophile.
IMO the reviewer was understateing just how good they are !
A tube amp will work against you somewhat in terms of being able to use top notch smaller monitors, I would lean towards Totem or Dynaudio, but still an option.

For higher efficiency more tube amp friendly speakers, Focal and Triangle are also quite good. Would not count out the Klipsch either.

Smaller OHM Walshes, like Micro Walsh or larger, would be an appealling option for me, especially if not being confined to a small sweet spot is of value. OHM is located in Brooklyn N.Y., which should be convenient.
check out devore speakers. Made in Brooklyn. Some are designed with small living spaces in mind.
Fritz Carrera 5" (you won't need a sub)
Before you do anything, you need to have a really good look at your new apartment. The buildings can range from new masonary designs to pre-war buildings that were made before TV and radio. You can easily find yourself in a situation where you get up to answer the phone only to find out that its not you phone that's ringing, but your neighbors. lol. Bilding construction will definately be one of the biggest factors in speaker selection.
The Rogue/Triangle coupling is a good, small system.
I would consider Nola Boxers or Merlin TSMs.
You won't be playing very loud music. If you want to play it loudly you may want to try some really good headphones if you can tolerate them. The headphone amp and transducer technology is getting really good these days.
KEF LS50's, plus a pair of small, fast powered subs to fill out the 35-60Hz bottom.

Or the B&W PM1 monitors supplemented by their PV1D subwoofer. I've heard this combination and it is a winner in sound quality, conveying the sense of music, while being compact yet elegant in appearance.
Dynaudio uses impdedence correcting crossovers and that really helps with tube amps...not to mention they are great speakers to begin with. I recently spent some time with the B&W CM5 and was very impressed with this small monitor. It really had me scratching my head in comparison to my Dynaudios, which I drive with sub 20 watt tube amps.

ProAcs would be another good choice. Those three would be on my short list.
Maybe Ref 2A driven by a VAC integrated?
Check out the Sonist Recital 2's. Not well know yet, but
they will be. The high efficiency and the superb sound will
astound you. You may not even need a sub with this speaker.
Here's a link:
Excellent sound/dollar. This speaker was the talk of the
Newport T.H.E. show last week. Check Steve Hoffman's
comments if you need someone with world wide respect. Here's
Steve's link with
What's your budget? 5" speaker height? Really?
06-05-14: Soix
What's your budget? 5" speaker height? Really?
think he was referring to max. woofer size.

BTW, I'm *really* serious about that B&W PM1/PV1D combo. It's a stunning
combo with immediacy, room-filling dispersion, lifelike transparency and
transient response, and very natural tonal balance including deep-reaching bass.
The monitors have 5" woofers. The cabinetry is gorgeous too. I really hope you
are able to audition this combo before you buy.

--From a guy who's not a big B&W fan.
Currently listed are a pair of Tannoy 6.1 monitors for a grand, and a pair of Montana mini monitors for just under a grand. Both sets look to be tube amp friendly with a high impedance and decent efficiency. If you're moving to an apartment, you may want to forgo a sub. Good luck with the move.
Someone else mentioned DeCapo's and I'll second that.
Check out the Spendor 3/5's. Years ago I needed a small monitor to replace Vandersteen 3A's , the Spendors are a very similar sounding speaker. As a matter of fact I liked them better!
Actually, I'd agree with Zd who suggested to wait and check out the apartment and surroundings and wall surfaces and neighbors and such before commiting to anything.

de Capo's are unparalleled for their price; Triangles work well with tubes, as do Montanas. Dynaudio are golden. But it all depends on the context and surroundings and environmental demands.
Check the Spiral Groove Canalis Anima or, as Schubert recommended, Totem Model 1.
I'd look at De Capo's or even Dulcets, depending on volume needs and room size. Both are quite terrific.
Big down grade good luck!!
Raidho X1 or C1.1 or D1
Also, the GE Triton 7s have a small footprint, sound like bookshelf speakers with passive radiators (no need for sub), and match extremely well with the Cronus Magnum. Take your Cronus Magnum to a local dealer and give the Triton 7s a try.
I just did this myself. Went to KEF LS50s, a REL 218 and an Arcam integrated - great system for 4k. Agree with Johnnyb53, obviously, and although I have not heard it, I think his B&W recommendation would even be a bit better perhaps. I had the B&W 804 Diamonds in my last rig, and what the KEFs get right in all areas, the B&Ws just have a bit more musicality perhaps. I would also consider the smallest Harbeth PS with a REL sub. If you have the money and depending on your new room size, you might just find heaven with the Monitor 30s, which are a bit bigger than you were looking for.

What is the size of the room you will be moving your gear to? Can the speakers sit out in the room a bit, or do you need to place them close or right up against the front wall? Finally, what Klipsch models were you considering?
I might be selling my tekton 6.5t monitors in beautiful cherry makore.
head-cans first of all.