shrill high end? help, setup? triplaner

I was playing a few lps sunday on my galibier / triplaner / Universe setup

three sounded very shrill in the high end
no amount of vta would cure this

not sure what is going on, maybe my setup is seriously out of alignment.

any suggestions
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Had you tried adding more VTF? This usually affects the top and bottom.
What?!? It just suddenly un-adjusted itself? What has changed? Have you cleaned the stylus lately?
Dear Audiotomb: That happen suddenly?, I mean: how it sounds before Sunday ?

+++++ " three sounded very shrill in the high end ... " +++++

Which ones? and which ones sounds right.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I recently had the pleasure of watching Thom set up my new Stelvio with a Triplanar and Dynavector. Quite an experience. My point being that it's probably worth dropping Thom an email to see if he could help. Good luck!

Regardless of your tt config, you've got some serious time smear going on with some of your ics and scs. This will create harsh, grainy, and/or glaring highs and rolling thunder/ill-defined sloppy bass.

Try auditioning some Audience Au24, Speltz, Audio Tekne, Zu or possibly a number of other cables to compare with your current ics and scs. You might find the difference to be far from subtle and might resolve at least part of your problem.

Also, perhaps it's not your tt. Try listening to your best cdp and compare.

I've never listened to a system with your line conditioner but I've heard relatively good things about it. However, it looks like you have just one LC. If so and if you have both digital and analog components connected to the same line conditioner try disconnecting all the digital from the line conditioner.

Very few line conditioners provide bi-directional filtering and I doubt yours does too. All digital components induce digital noise back into the AC (bi-directional) and will induce that digital noise into every one of your other components including other digital components.

Digital noise will sound shrill, glaring, and harsh and it's compounded with every component it infiltrates and by every component that generates it.

Even if the mfg'er claims the LC to be bi-directional filtering, I'd still remove the digital components to see what changes.

the shrill grungy upper end isn't interconnects
the cd player sounds fine
and lps have sounded great on this setup

shrill discs -
Yes - CLose to the Edge Japanese pressing
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
John Coltrane - Lush Life
not shrill - Donald Fagen - Morph the Cat
Darold Anger and Barbara Higbie - Tideline

looks like my vta may be a hair high actually 2.1 grams

records sounded worse at grooves farther in
some misstracking
(side to side cartridge azimuth alignment?)

used dry erase on the stylus, all records loricrafted

I have not been able to truly find the vta sweetspoint and may have over adjusted it, so I got out my fiekert and reset the table, granted I haven't had that much experience setting up tt, but mine has sounded stellar before

the playing session was after the setup