Show case system

Im putting together a 3rd system in my home and any input would be appreciated. I have a main system that is a keeper, and a bedroom system I always change around. Dont beleive in auditons at HiFi shops, prefer to hear systems in my own home and enviroment and thanks to audiogon it is a great way to experience many different brands and not break the bank. I recently bought a beautiful rosewood table and was thinking of putting a showpiece set together in the living room for casual use. The systems will consist of a jadis orchestra reference intergrated, a shanling T100, and a pair of rosewood soliloquy 6.3's. I saw an ad for a EAD DSP PRO 111 Dac (in gold face) and was imediately drawn to this unit. I love audio but do not consider myself an audiophile due to lack of knowledge. From what I understand the shanling has a 24 bit Dac, where as the EAD is a 20 bit. Both have HDCD but would there be any improvement in using the shanling as a transport? I have chosen this setup for esthetics and even though I could afford the EAD, I wouldnt want it if there were no benefits. Thanks in advance, regards, John
I'm afraid I don't know anyone who has tried exactly the combo you have in mind. I'm using an Apogee DAC with a Shanling T100 and am very happy with the result. The Apogee is a 20 bit DAC.

If you get no feedback on the EAD unit here, you might try the Audio Asylum and its archives.