Shovels and Rope

If you don't know 'em, you should......

they are pretty cool Shakey.
There is a nice recording of them on NPR in case you have not noticed.
I saw them live at the Bristol Rhythm n Roots festival in September. Man do they electrify a stage! Good stuff.....

Shakey, I may go see them tonight in a great club here in Pittsburgh called
Club Cafe. If I go I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the recommendation!
I saw these guys last night and they were fantastic!!
If you like Americana/Alt. Country you should take a listen to this group. With only two members in the group they throw out an enormous sound. They are like a Tsunami of sound/music.
They sold out this small venue with young fans that knew nearly all the words to every song. They are my wife's new favorite group
Here is a good intro to their music from a live session on NPR:
Enjoy!!If you check em out and like, let us know...
Thanks for the review Todd. My wife and I saw them at the Rhythm & Roots festial in Bristol back in September. We saw them Friday night and went to another venue Saturday night to see them again. Great performances. It's really hard to describe to anyone what they do, and how well they do it.