Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!

I've been truly blessed by a lot of fine guys in the audio business! And I know that may not be everyone's experience.  So I wanted to create this post to shout a few of them out and maybe you may want to give them a try?

First, here in Atlanta, one of the absolute BEST guys to work with is Scott Carpenter at Evolution Home Theater!
They sell Sonus Faber, McIntosh, Gryphon Audio, Dynaudio, B&W, and others!  Great service! Great person, period! He will explain and let you compare without being harassed or hassled.  You'll make a friend for life!

Next, Ken Davis at Brooks Berdan in L.A. is one of the finest audio guys I know! A consummate professional and a better person.  He will spend the time until you "get it!"  And he is very knowledgable.  A great person to bounce ideas off of as well!  I was very impressed with the advice and perspective I gained.

Thirdly, Alan at Audio Excellence in Phoenix, AZ.  Alan is a distributor for a few brands such as the Audioharma Cable Cooker and Black Cat line of cabling as well as the Oyaide, Pranwire, and others!  His knowledge and advice are spot on!  He's extremely helpful in trying to help "you" specifically get what you need to fine-tune your system and to maximize components!

Fourthly,  I'd like to give a hearty shout out to Paul in Maple Grove, MN at Analog Audio!  Another wonderful salesman and distributor or fine audio equipment like Brinkman, VTL, Luxman, Nagra, Rockport speaker, and others!  He will give you a very candid opinion on what he believes you need!  And he is very patient and detailed!

Fifthly, I want to recommend Suncoast Audio and Mike in Sarasota, FL!  A great guy who takes personal care of his customers and goes over and beyond to make sure you're satisfied!

And lastly, but certainly, not least I always have a great experience with Upscale Audio in Los Angeles.  Their staff is truly the best! I have never called and asked a question where I felt they were pushing one product on me over another.  They are very laid back and will do their best to help you. I highly recommend them and their extensive product offerings that include Focal, Anthem, Rega, VPI, Naim, and tons of others!!

I'd love to hear your experiences with dealers/distributors too! Hopefully, we can spend our money and time with these great brick and mortar audio stores across the country alive!!
Audio Salon...John Iconomou.  He is simply the best in business, a bonafide audiophile at heart! 
+1 for John Rutan at Audioconnection. I never thought I would want to deal with another dealer after years of lousy experiences with NYC dealers, but Johnny is the real deal.

1- The whole crew at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, CA, starting with Brooks' widow Sheila as manager, shop tech Tom Carione, and tube expert/collector/dealer Joe Knight. Great people, great shop.

2- Brian Berdan at Sound Elements in Pasadena, CA. Sheila's son and Brooks' stepson, trained by the master himself. Great guy, superb sales and service.

3- Randall Cooley at Optimal Enchantment in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, the shop mere yards from the cliff overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. Randy always has one of the best sounding rooms at the Southern California Hi-Fi Show.

Quintessence Audio, Morton Grove Illinois. Great store and family owned, Mick and his son Patrick are two of the nicest most qualified people. They are always at Axpona with 3 huge rooms and big supporters of this crazy hobby we all love. They deliver to your home and set up everything including TT setups. 
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Stuart's Audio in Westfield NJ. Stu is a great guy to deal with. Have been doing business there for many years.

Gig Harbor Audio, Gig Harbor, WA.- Eric and George

Hawthorne Audio, Seattle, WA

A/V Choices Phoenix, AZ Blake and Sean
Local to me, I recommend The Analog Room. They're in Campbell, California. Brian has been running the place for a long time and in my experience is helpful, friendly, and professional.
Jeff Harris with Reference Analog is Oklahoma..  Great after purchase customer service I've ever dealt with... and one of the nicest dealers I've dealt with.  
WorldWide Stereo, Ardmore, PA.
Gramophone, Timonium, MD
Magnolia Design Center, King Of Prussia, PA.
Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH......  Awesome staff,  great range of equipment ....    no sales tax .   Well worth a visit.
Another Johnny Rutan Audio Connection NJ fan. He's willing to let you take your time and listen to the music. No pressure or attitude here.
Mike Bovaird - Suncoast Audio - Sarasota, FL; Bob Visintainer - Rhapsody Music, Manhattan, NY; Walter Swanbon - Fidelis AV, Nashua, NH; Geoff Poor - Glenn Poor’s Audio, Champaign, IL.
Jim Smith
John and Jason at DTX in Lincoln, Nebraska. This shop's focus is on providing their customers with the very best customer service available.
Bruce at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego, Bruce is the kind of guy who would give you his arm, and then give you the other arm. He is the dealer that will recommend the best equipment  for you... even if it is not a product he carries!
Fidelis in Nashua NH. Laid back take your time atmosphere willing to demo whatever gear you want to hear even Lp's from their cast for sale collection
Audio Archon is the Best!!!  Mike Kaye is an amazing audiophile and an even better person!!
5 Stars!!
+1 JohnnyR at AudioConnection, Verona, NJ - pretty much got me into this hobby and still my go to place for many years and counting.
not in order but personal relationships with each, wine, music, cars, tubes, racing and of course audio gear...

Johnny R at Audio Connection
Bruce at Stereo Unlimited, San Diego, Robert is turntable guru
Alan at Hi-Fi buys Atlanta
Victor and Bob at Advanced Audio, Tacoma
Eric and George at Gig Harbor
Randy and George at Optimal in SantaMonica
and Tom the super tech at Brooks Berdan in Monrovia

in orland Park, il.

 Back in the early -mid 90’s

great people, brands, friendly.

 Can’t remember last names, but Mile and Joe were nicest guys I’ve dealt with in a long time.  

Ive been to so many shops the past years, no one comes close to Mike and Joe.  

While I almost always buy locally, I could not pass up on something I had been wanting for a while that I saw online....  That said I purchased a new pair of Klipsch HP 3 at a great price from Tom at Big Ear Stereo in Tempe AZ.     His prompt and professional service was first rate.    He is obviously passionate about audio,  I highly recemmend checking him out.
I ordered a cartridge today from Echo Hifi in Portland and Kurt (the owner) personally called and we shot the you know what on the phone for a while. He also gave me free shipping and thanked me for my repeat business. He also shared a pretty funny video with me. He's talked me out of buying things more than once and I've enjoyed some really awesome listening sessions at his store.  Gig Harbor Audio and Desco in Olympia deserve honorable mention also. 
Mike Rose, Excel Audio in Newport Beach. He lives, eats, breaths and sells real music (analog records, lots of them). He also houses some of the very best gear on the W Coast.
That would be Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH.... thoroughly enjoying my Klipsch Forte IV recently purchased from them.   They are great to deal with.
Douglas Connections out of Austin Texas, I purchased my diy pc products from him. There in the mail in several hours and received in 3 days free shipping. He's got a good bio and Don't quote me on this but it looks like he'll make you a power  cable for free if you buy the parts from him!  
+1 @big_greg for Echo Audio in Portland, OR - GREAT staff, owner, and overall business ethics
Gestalt Audio, Nashville. Outstanding customer service, Colin is very knowledgeable and a great guy! 
Atelier13 in Nashville, Constantin is very knowledgeable and just a nice guy. Top of the line gear and fair.

Upscale Audio.

Audio Concepts Dallas.