Shout out to the Tube store customer service.

Just wanted to tip my hat to The tube store's customer service department (if that's a thing there),  top notch. Just bought 2 Genalex Gold Lion 300b tubes from them the shipping took longer then I payed for. they didn't hesitate to refund me half the shipping cost. Not often I get that sort of haste free service with international orders. So thanks Tube store. 
Great to hear--especially when you consider it wasn't their fault.  It should have been on the shipper.  So hat's off to thetubestore.  Wish I could say the same for ups and others in the shipping industry--some of the worst when it comes to customer service.
mpomerantz68 posts09-27-2021 5:13amWere you referring to the Tubes-store in Russia?

No, North America, i think the tube store is based out of Toronto Canada area.